Wednesday, October 29, 2008

fun and unimportant

finished close

i making a stool
to hold a harmonium
for Sukhawat
Marlie's Indian vocal music teacher

I took an old chicken feeder

taking apart1

undid it

taking apart2

made a stool

me making 1

me making2

finished and tools

had Suhkawat put the last
two screws

Suk and last screw

found it didn't balance
finished close

decided to do another one

two stools, williams and suk1


didn't like the first one,
took it apart

and am not(Freudian slip, supposed to say: "now") making
old and new coming
pieces of the old one
and set up
to make two more
one for me,
one for Sukhawat

and this is all fun
and great chance to be present
or be in a froth to "get it done"

and sometimes it works out
and sometimes not

this is fun
this in unimportant

sort of like life
though you aren't supposed to say that

and yet
something is important
just not the things
that everyone
gets caught in

and what's left?
what doesn't catch us?

what leaves us free?

ah, good question,

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