Saturday, November 29, 2008

Slow down, travel plans, do you want to host?

single rose

I have this nice little ongoing
sermon in
this blog:
slow down
and be present.

And I have,
or even often,
hurried through whatever I was going
to write,
not being present as the words
were being typed along.

I'm here.

I invite you
to whatever your present is right now.

This is my idea for
a good life:
to live and assist others
in Awakened Gardening
Awakened Movement
Awakened Relationship
Awakened and Ecological Living

Being present is a kick
and a great place to be of use
to myself, others and the planet.

alas, are not in the present,
and they do present
a chance to the present
in some other "place"
at some other "time."

I'm interested
in additional hosts,
interested in allowing me to
assist them
as they assist me with a place to stay,
and an "in" to the local plant, nature and people world,
one month at a time.

During that time, I would be delighted to
in all the Awakened pathways
mentioned above,
including either giving
or trading Neurological Upgrading Lessons.

Giving one a day if you have a child
with Special Needs,
or someone recovering from a Stroke or Accident,
or if you are someone
wanting to radically improve your golf,
tennis, feeling inside yourself,
connection to pleasure
and skill,
anti-aging, vitality,
grace and ease of thinking, moving and feeling.

Trading if another practitioner of
the Feldenkrais Method
or the
Anat Baniel Method is my host.
To give and receive daily lessons:
imagine the heaven of that.

as I write about this as yet non-existent world,
the plan world,
I was
slipping out
of the
and here I am again,

and you are whatever and however and wherever
you are.

So far, these places seem to be part
of my path:
Tucson, Arizona
Atlanta, Georgia
Orcas Island, Washington,
Amish rural Ohio

Will keep filling in cities and places
as the pathways get more clear.



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