Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Day 4: What if God were around?

two versions of God: William, and raw chocolate pie

Open the Door:

What if there is a God? What would that or it or Her or Him be like?

If you have a god, or God in your life, spend today connecting with God as much as you can.

Explore how being present to breathing, or to sensing your legs and arms and sensing might calm you and bring you to a place where you are more free to turn toward God.

If you are not a God person, imagine something “like” God, and look for that throughout your day.

Don’t get fancy.

Just what could be “like” God in your life, whether that might be nature, or the smiles on other people’s faces, or happiness, or artistic or musical beauty, or a good cup of soup. Doesn’t matter. Keep your awareness open for moments of that and see what difference this makes in your day.

What if God is too big or amazing for words?

Then what would the wordless big experience of God be like?

What if your God, is a “something really great and good” in the Universe kind of God. What would experiencing that for a day be like?

“By God,” as the saying goes, what would that be like?

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