Thursday, November 05, 2009

Day Five: Arms and Legs and making Sense of Life

Day Five:More alive: sensing our arms and legs all at once.
This is “hard.”

We’ve spent a day sensing just our legs. If you go something from it, I hope you’ve continued it off and on during all the days.

And now, let’s bring in more of ourselves: let’s sense our arms and our legs all together.

This is a lot, a lot of us, a lot of attention, a lot of pulling back from our usual slavery to the outside world.

Oh, well.

This book is about waking up, to all our moments.

Even this one, right now.

Have a little fun.

Sense the right arm and the right leg. Fully. Follow your breathing, too, as you sense.
Now sense your left arm and left leg and leave the right side out. See what that is like.

Interesting, eh?

Now sense the left side breathing in and the right side breathing out.

Yes. Fun? Who knows? Give it a go.

And now, all day, sense both arms and both legs as much as you can.

Don’t worry when you “forget.” Welcome to learning how out of the now we usually are.

Oh, well.
Smile, breathe and come back, come back, come back to now.

And sense both arms and both legs as our grounding and waking up call.


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