Monday, November 09, 2009

Day Nine: Loving Our Spine

Loving our spine

Yesterday’s idea: sense your posture all day. How did you do? What did you do?

Did you combine it with sensing arms and legs? And thinking, “this is my life now?” You can keep the previous activities going any and every day you want.

Find your own way in adding as much exploratory wakening into your life as you can enjoy and benefit from. That is a purposefully vague statement.

Today, in as many ways as you can, sitting, standing, lying down, talking on the phone, walking, riding a bike, making love, reading a book, round and arch your spine.

Which means, rounding into a little ball, with your nose coming down toward your belly button, and your pelvis rotating toward your nose. This can be felt as slumping. It can be felt as curling up in the fetal position. (Do this lying on your side. It’s a lot of fun).

And then unfold, uncurl, expand out so that your chest and ribs rise away from the center, your back arches so your belly comes forward and the small of your back comes forward, your sternum (breastbone) lifts, your head tilts back a little, and your pelvis rotates so that your bottom pushes toward the back of your head.

Do this now, in a chair.

Do this now, standing, with your hands on your knees, if you can. Feel as if this may do wonders for your “posture.”

Mess around today doing this while driving the car (just a little bit), while standing in line at the bank (even littler, people will think you are weird). Do it in your room, do it even, somehow, on a walk.

Keep your spine rounding and arching and wake up to its glories, to the lengthening of you.

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