Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 46; "Be angry but do not sin"---huh?

Be angry but do not sin

What is sin? Missing the mark of how God/ our real Self wants us to live. Or how we, in our highest self want to live. And where would a saying like this come from? You guessed it, the Bible which I don’t read, except sporadically, but when I’m visiting Gunnison, Colorado, I go to the church of my host, my old high school buddy, Mark Ritter. And in one of the readings today, from Ephesians 2:26, was this bit of pleasant and useful wisdom:

Be angry but do not sin, do not let the sun go down on your anger.

Interesting, eh?

The first part goes like this: Be angry but do not sin.

What does this mean?

Somehow this invites us to be real, since human beings all get angry, and to distinguish between having and feeling and even being a little or a lot shaken up by our anger on the one hand, and acting it out on the other hand.


That’s the basis of upgrading ourselves, via learning, via the brain, via making real connections: learning differences that make a difference.

Be angry: feel it.

Do not sin: don’t become something your highest self doesn’t want you to become.

Violent, petty, maybe even sarcastic, complaining, bitter. You figure what it might mean.

We’ve already played with feeling the SENSATION in a feeling and leaving the words behind.

And we have the work of Byron Katie to set us free. So, have this day a day where you feel angry when you feel angry and turn that energy into something almost joyous. Or loving. Or both. At least find something to smile about instead of getting hooked into the pull of it all. How? You discover.

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