Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 50: Other people as path to waking

Other people have parties sometimes

Other People, again

Other people want things. They want attention. They want approval. They want to complain. They want someone to listen. They want you to agree with them, or join them in their activity.

Certain other people want you to feel bad, or small, or at fault. Or they want to get rid of you, or use you to prove they are better or smarter than you.

Some other people, many of us, probably, are a bit confused in social situations, and don’t know what they want, they want to talk in peace and then get out of there before anything weird or uncomfortable happens.

Then there are the people we work with, and they have agendas from home, or about the work place or about you, or about their parents and they think it’s you, or they want to brag about their kids, or get advice about their kids, or bemoan their problems, or share their enthusiasms.

Lots of things other people could have going on when you interact with them.

What would it be like today, to listen beneath the words and get a feel for what sort of deeper message they might be feeling. They might not even know what it is, but since we are all humans, it’s probably something like: I want to feel that I’m okay. I want to feel that I’ve got allies in whatever is bothering me. I want to feel that you like me.

You think of more, from what you feel around other people.

And today, just have fun spending less energy than usual on presenting whatever you usually present, and keep back a little for discovering what is going on in other people.

No “fixing” necessary, if you are a chronic “helper” of the other. Just listen a little deeper, even if you already listen well.

See if you can radiate some sort of good feeling to them, that you don’t even speak about, but is on “their side.”

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