Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 59: Other People and Staying Awake

Again: waking up in ordinary life

Ah, yes, we have a life.

Other people are in our life.

If they annoy us, we can do the work of Byron Katie.

If they don’t annoy us, and we start to have a happy conversation, that is one of life’s great sweet joys.

And we can go even farther.

We can be talking to them with an idea of being awake.

Awake to the wonder of our being alive.

Awake to the wonder of their being alive.

Awake to the wonder of all us humans being alive together on this big and beautiful Earth, and you and the other person being alive and with each other in this moment on this Earth.

Awake to our breathing.

Awake to their breathing.

Awake to the music and rhythm and tone of their voice.

Awake to the music and rhythm and tone of our voice.

Awake to the miracle of awareness, or knowing that we are in this minute, right now.

Awake to the possibility to be silent while they talk, really silent and just soaking in whatever words that they have to say and whatever words they might want to say but aren’t saying.

Awake to the words we are saying and the words we might want to say and aren’t say.

Awake to something between us and the other person that doesn’t require anything to be said.


Have a sweet day in this form of play.

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