Saturday, January 09, 2010

69: What to leave behind

What to leave behind?

Yesterday, leave yesterday behind, unless there is something sweet that brings a smile to your heart, and then bring that back a bit, and let it go, too.

What to leave behind:

Grudges, and things other people “did to you.” If they aren’t doing it now, feel happy, it’s over. If they are doing it right this moment, ask them to stop, or leave the room. If someone is say, on-going-ly mean in your life, learn to love them as a person, and maybe leave the situation, maybe not. (Leave behind blaming and see if you can discover the pain in them that is leading to the meanness. What can you do to ease this pain?)

All sorts of amazing things can happen just by leaving behind the “they are bad” story.

Worries in the mind. Leave that behind.

A fearful attitude about all the “things you need to get done.” Leave that behind.

The feeling of slavery and concern that comes from getting hooked into other people’s approval or disapproval: leave that behind.

What’s left? The present. Leave everything else behind.

That’s the game today, leave, leave, and wake up to Now.

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