Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 40: the Fullness

this is gentle, much gentler than it looks. is part of a Neurological Upgrading Lesson, otherwise known as Functional Integration

Think about your life? Think about your life with as much heart and as few “words in your head” as possible.

Where can you find a feeling of lots. Of plenty. I hate to use the word abundance, it having been so mercilessly exploited by various folks, often consciously or unconsciously making a buck off of other people’s feelings of scarcity.

So forget abundance.

Think “enough.”

Think: feels like I’m in the middle of a rich life.

If nothing comes to you, hey, get into the present and see all the colors, and feel both arms and both legs and your spine, and see what life can bring to you moment by moment, and feel that as plenty.

Right now, hey, put down the book and look out a window, or head on outside and feel the all-ness of life. Feel the fullness. Feel the richness.

Now take another pause. Sit quietly or even better, if circumstances permit, lie on the floor or some sweet Earth, and feel and sense yourself. If outside, look up at the sky. If inside, close your eyes and exult in your you-ness in the moment.

This is, in a way, advanced pausing. Coming to a full rich and plentiful now, a so little trouble to “get to” now, because it is here, always here.

Love this treat. Stay rich today. Enjoy.

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