Thursday, December 23, 2010

what's important

if I ask the question,
what's important,
I could at least he honest and qualify it:
What's important, to whom?

To me.
To the human race.
To most people.
To the Earth.
To the evolution of humanity.
To my finding a community of like minded people.
To my writing something worth reading today?

All are good starters.

So, let's switch it around:
What's important to you?

How did your year go?
Was there more love?
More learning?
Did you plant any trees? (I didn't, and the year is not over yet)
Did you make any new friends?
Did anyone you know become an un-friend, and can you still love them?

Were you hurt, frightened, or angry, and have you used that to create
gold for yourself,
or at the very least compost?

What is a year for?

What are we for?

What is today for?

Who have we helped?
Who would we more like to help?

When was the fun?
Was the fun a time a healing, a time of release, a time of growth,
a time of escape, a time of learning and achieving,
all of the above
none of the above?

Anything fun so far today?

Any awakened moments so far today?

What is today for?

What are we for?

Does next year matter if today is not lived right?

What would living today right mean?

What questions would you write down,
if you were to spend ten minutes with pencil and paper?

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