Thursday, June 28, 2012

slowing, or not, at Whole Foods on computer with blueberries at left hand

Home internet is off for a bit. This means I get to come to Whole Foods
and eat avocado and blueberries
while I write up today's constant contact newsletter.

Eating and working on the computer.

There is a story of a Zen student
questioning his master,
who was eating and reading at the same time.
"I thought," said the student,
"That when you eat, you eat.
And when you read, you read.
Isn't that what we were taught?"

The Zen master stuffed a little more blueberries
into his mouth,
grinned and chewed happily and then said,
"Yes, and when I eat and read,
I eat and read."

Alas, I wasn't "awake" at the both of them,
and either were a temptation to not really be awake
but to be lost in translation
lost in action
lost in the rolling ahead of life,
as it were.

And it's a good life,
it's a good life,
computer Internet nonsense.

the awake life vibrates
or resonates
or glows
or something

What is it for you?

Here, for me, it's slower
and richer
and easier
no "worry" about the famous
"what's next?"
nor about
"am I doing it right"
"am I getting enough done"

it's just

which is the present
the miracle
the joy
the yes


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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

hi Sonoma, hello life::::: Each day offers

each day offers
or not

or arguing with reality

or befudled

fun thing is this:
we're just fine,
even in the "wrong" choices

can we can always
"wake up" and notice what we did,
what we are going

coming back
not even my choice
but almost by scent
as if the smell of Life
is luring us
to the truth
of Now