Thursday, January 19, 2006

Thursday, Jan. 19: Feeling Bad, 6, Go Outside

So much of feeling bad is self-absorption, this myth that the world revolves around me-me-me. We forget the bigger world, we forget there are trees bigger than us, that the sky is a ceiling five miles high, that the breeze and the flowers and the sun and the rain all have gifts for us, gifts of reality. Nature is an abundance of gifts, a showering of gifts of something wonderful and beautiful on which to put our attention.

Something to love besides our misery.

Nature is good. And we are part of nature. When we go outside and re-connect with Nature, we have a strong possibility of re-connecting with our own Nature, with loving ourselves as part of Life.

And to be part of Life, now, and know we are part of Life, now, that is to be at one with ourselves, which is to be happy and then we don’t feel so bad. We don’t even need the brown paper packages.


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