Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tuesday, Jan. 17: Feeling Bad, 4, Write and Roll

Set out a stack of paper, get a pen or pencil, set a timer for a short length of time, like 8, 12, 16 minutes, and write. Write what’s bothering you. Write the work, the Work of Byron Katie. Write your dreams down.

Write your ideas for what you want that’s missing in your life.

Write ideas for how to take some steps toward getting what you want.

Write about the fears you have that you won’t make any progress.

Do the work, on the paper, about these fears, the ideas/stories you come up with. “I’ll never get this done.” “I’ve tried before and couldn’t do it.” “I’m too old.” “This is too hard for me.” “You need luck/money/looks/whatever and I don’t have it.”

And so on.

Do the work and keep writing and have a good time and then when he buzzer rings, set it for the same amount of time and roll around on the floor or on a hard bed or some soft grassy earth for the same amount of time. If you are lucky enough to do Feldenkrais, roll around in some of the remembered moves. If not, just move and breathe and notice what you are as a moving living organism. Forget the words, pay attention to all of you, to toes and knees and legs and pelvis and ribs and spine and fingers and hands and arms and breathing and head and all of you, let you move and roll and stretch and contract and try out all sorts of possibilities.

First write the possibilities in one kind of thinking and then move the possibilities in another kind of thinking, the organic, how can I move in pleasurable and interesting ways kind of living.

Live, live, live, breathe, breathe, breathe.


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