Monday, March 05, 2007

March Email to Look at In Color

March is here.
That's good.
We are moving toward equinox,
which means spring. Hmm.
The blossoms sure think that's so,
and maybe it won't snow again.
Maybe it will. Everything changes: how about us?

Change is wonderful and a little scary, because we
become something that is new,
and even if we are happier,
and move in easier ways,
and have nicer relationships,
and are healthier,
we feel a little lost without our old
familiar tension and suffering.
Oh well.

Peace is in the air, the local air, care of Terry and Melissa,
the gals bringing us our chance to help create a U.S. Department of Peace. See them Friday mornings at the Farmers' Market, and/ or check out: Department of Peace. So far 18 city councils have backed the idea. Wonder about ours? I do, too.

Tomorrow's, the day,
to walk on over to the polls,
breathing the good air,
smelling the blossoms,
and vote YES on the parcel tax.

As usual, I have many options, for you to consider using if you wish to explore, learn, enjoy, use for your wishes and aims

For amazing results. And a gentle path there:
Try Functional Integration lessons.
Four lessons and transformation will be well under way
Not just "fixing," but learning to be a younger, smarter you
Ten lessons and you could easily feel and move 20 years younger.
For those curious about the Feldenkrais Method, the Feldenkrais Guild has a brand new (several days old) website at Feldenkrais.Com.
And here can explain part of it:
Back, Neck, Shoulder Pain, Carpal Tunnel

For couples, parent teenager conflict pairs, and groups.
Business upgrading, in group morale and team functioning
and stress reduction
Click atCouple and Parent / Child Communication

3) Weight Loss and Health Expansion
A ten week program.
Examine beliefs, heal with Feldenkrais, nature connection,
real foods, habits, enjoyment, hypnosis, exploration, the Work of Byron Katie, and more.
Fitness & Weight Loss

4) There's more. Like straight Byron Katie work. If you are in the mood to heal and transform, and be happier and more of what you really want to be in your life.
Group Meetings Friday evenings, 2nd and 4th Friday night
7:15 to 8:45 PM
$25 first person in family, $5 each additional>
Call to reserve and make sure we're ON.

Or see
Byron Katie / Happiness


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