Thursday, May 17, 2007

Car Free Day, Bike to Work Day, New Habit Day

bike day



Two wheels.


This is part of being a real human: to have fun on a bicycle. To move our legs and have the wheels spin and we almost float, almost effortlessly to somewhere else on this beautiful planet.

Today is Bike to Work day.
Sam Turner

Sam Turner helping to get all the Bike to Work
stuff there,
(there this morning was Olsen Park,
a lovely little hideaway park on the bike path)
on a Bike.
Yeah, Sam.
Yeah, Ken for organizing.
Yeah, Chris (me) for handing out the stuff.

Big deal. Little deal.

Who would drive a car if they could ride a bike and enjoy the fresh air and the exercise and the smells and seeing things close and slow and clear?

Pity the poor robot fools locked away in their automatic automobiles and trucks. Some, of course, need to haul around tools: ah, cars are good for that.

Some need to haul kids, and I'd say: get back to school buses, put the kids on their feet, get a bicycles trailer, but again: hey, hauling kids is sometimes part of life.

But, if you don't have kids or tools, lucky you, you can walk today or ride a bike a stay out of the earth destroying, awareness robbing cars and trucks. Good.

Enjoy your good fortune.

Enjoy your bike.

Enjoy you now.
prayer flag

Enjoy being in the small nature of your body and wheeling across the large nature of our Earth.


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