Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Waking Up Twice in the Morning

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We wake up and then we have another wonderful chance: to wake up.

What does that mean?

To be aware.

What does that mean?

To know where we are, what is the shape of us, what is the movement of us, what is the breathing of us, what is the comfort and discomfort of us, what it feels like to be us. Right now.

Recall the Gurdjieff morning meditation: right leg, right arm, left arm, left leg. First up, then down. Add on hearing. Then add on light.

And my Feldie meditation:

Find our relationship to gravity in the five lines (spine, arms and legs).

Add on breathing and our relationship to air and the heart lung area of ourselves.

Add on hearing and / or light coming in our eyes to be aware of the relationship of our upper story (head) to ongoing life.

Add on an awareness of our awareness.

If we want to make it even better, move slightly in some slow and enjoyable and highly aware way that involves our pelvis, our spine and our head and pay attention to breathing, gravity and the five lines and light as we move.

And then feel the pleasure of being alive and the joy of having awareness.

That's a lot.

Yeah, that's why it's called Waking up.

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