Monday, August 25, 2008

Fall Classes, starting Saturday Sept 13, four weeks


Classes for the Fall
Access Your Brain to
an even more Amazing Person

No actual classes
in motion:
get a group together
and a place
and some mini miracles
can happen

just a few
of what can be done..

Yoga & the Brain
Mon. 12:30 PM, Sat. 9:30 AM

Backs, Necks, Shoulders,
Mon. 2:30 PM
Sat. 10:30 AM

Injury, Surgery Recovery
Mon 6:30 PM

Musicians, Surgeons, Hands
Thurs, 6:30 PM

Increase Skills and Enjoy Life More

  • Think more clearly

  • Anti-Aging

  • Move with more ease

  • Re-discover how much you love to learn
    be alive

  • Decrease and Make Irrelevant Various
    Aches and Pains

  • Recovery faster from Surgery

  • Perhaps avoid surgery

  • Recover from Strokes and falls and accidents

  • Rediscovery how much of you there is

  • Starting the Second Week in September
    (on the weekend of September 13
    and running for 5 weeks,
    to end the week of October 4-9)

    Group lessons

    Yoga & the Brain
    Mon. 12:30 PM, Sat. 9:30 AM

  • gentle, healing, vastly expansive

  • "working out" the brain
    as our "body" learns to love itself more

  • anti-aging as we learn new patterns,
    increase thinking and
    problem solving abilities
    come to greater ease

  • Backs, Necks, Shoulders,
    Mon. 2:30 PM
    Sat. 10:30 AM

  • also hips, and feet and hands

  • finding joy, connection and learning
    in areas of ourself to which
    we may
    have lost a sweet and useful connection

  • come to a higher level of functioning
    in anything you wish to do

  • understand the spine, brain connection

  • move in ways we might have forgotten for years,
    or may
    never have known

  • learn to "love ourselves in
    and non-efforting

  • feel better

  • have fun

  • Injury, Surgery Recovery
    Mon 6:30 PM

  • gentle, easy, on the floor

  • working toward better than ever

  • learning, not performance

  • feel better

  • have fun

  • Musicians, Surgeons, Hands
    Thurs, 6:30 PM

  • opening the ribs, shoulders hands

  • letting more air in

  • freeing our mobility

  • delighting in easier touch

  • delighting in easier movement

These lessons are all
my own inventions.
You will find them no where else.

They are based on my 127 days of training
in the Anat Baniel Method,
including certification in her Mastery Programs for
Special Needs Children
Vitality and Anti-Aging
High Performers

as well as
200 days of training
in the Feldenkrais Method

These lessons
can appear to be "movement lessons"
and are really
brain lessons,
anti-aging lessons,
regaining vitality lessons,
regaining our skills lessons,
and rediscovering discovery lessons

One class a week: $80
two classes a week: $100
three classes a week: $120
four or more classes a week: $140

drop in rate:

yoga teachers:
add 50%

love each moment

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