Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the ups and downs

barn and sunnies

sometimes we get ourselves in a hole

like this:
we say
and or
something we wish we
hadn't done

it's done

what next?

look back and figure
where was i operating from?

give yourself this bracing
bit of reality:
we only have three choices
or how to be:
1. low functioning robot
2. high functioning robot
3. awake

and given that:
we were probably in
our low robot

oh, well

happens to me
happens to you

what next?

how to deal with it:

low robot:
attack ourselves, feel bad, attack the "other"
for how we went south of how we know
we can

high robot:
realize the behavior:
trace in back to one of our patterns
look at the other person as a real person
maybe even
do the Work of Byron Katie

realize, not as an idea,
but as an experience:
now is my life
this now
feel and taste and experience
this now
and realize
from that
then was then

look back on then
from this amazed
and sensing ourselves right now
and following our breathing right now

and be amazed, delighted, a little sad,
and amusedly compassionate to our own
dumb ass self back then
for having gotten trapped in its low robot mode

do the Byron Katie work,
from feeling the pencil in our hand,
the love in our heart,
the chair under our butt
as we write feel think realize
our way
back to


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