Saturday, September 20, 2008

Things change, hmm

marlie in yoga
upside down, sort of, in a house we have long left behind:
things change,

in life
and in love:
things can change

in life
and in learning:
change is what keeps
us sparkling and finding out more
and more of the richness of life

and does that mean
we have to leave behind anything
"good" that happens to us?


And...everything "good"
that happens to us,

The seed becomes a tomato
and we eat it,
and compost the bush later.

The child is a baby,
and learns to learn
and crawl
and walk
and talk,
and goes off to college
and then is on the other end
of the phone
helping us when life gets "hard."

The loved one
ah, yes, this was sweet,
and now,
time for something else.

And they
don't need to know what that is:
loving them means this:
I want that for you,
I want that for you.


a paradigm shift

as is the moving/ brain/ learning
work we do:


it's late,
the other post at
108 days: "This is the wrong time to end our relationship: Is that true?"

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