Friday, September 19, 2008

uncondtional love

ginger at mom's

ah yes,
unconditional love,

sounds good doesn't it?

unconditional love.

and it feels good.

really good.

but, only if we are really doing
loving the other just the way
they are
all the warts
and nasty looks
and complaints
and unfair remarks
and demands

the total them:

when we are there,
we are loving What Is,
and we are free

and maybe you can jump there

usually I can't hop right over
when I find myself miserable
and annoyed by someone else

sometimes coming into
the total present
will spring me lose
and let me look, hear and allow
the other to be exactly as they are

usually, though,
it takes the Work of Byron Katie
which by encouraging me
to go to my crap first,
with its

easy/ hard/ amazing path:

Judge Your Neighbor (or Reality)
Write it Down

Ask four questions
Turn it Around

First two steps
and then
write down the thought that I think
the world
for my suffering
and then examine (ask four questions,
turn it around)
what's really happening.

if I follow on through,
can get me to the other side,
on over to unconditional love.

(Since this site
is partially the place I want people to end up
who are wish to discover the "work"
I offer,
I'm moving the in detail Work on the Marlie and Chris thing
over to another blog
which is called Testing Some (Reality) Two,
but for click over purposes I'll call it
108 Days

So there, in
108 Days
I'll keep up my public examination,
of how to love
and leave
and learn
and undo
all at the same time

and in this blog
good old ongoing
I'll roam between the four places I think I
have most to offer:

Loving Nature
(including healthy eating,
being outside
all that good stuff)

Being Present

The Byron Katie Work

The Anat Baniel Method and
Feldenkrais work.

Please keep up
with this if you want,
and let me know
what, if anything you are learning,
and how this is helping you,
and how it could be of more help.


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