Tuesday, October 07, 2008

40 days: what a difference going inside makes

40 days ago, I started this idea of
108 days
of writing wonderful
gleanings of wisdom and usefulness
I've picked up over my 63 years.

Then Marlie decided, day 3,
we needed to come to an end as a couple.

Then we decided to do this with
love, learning, and sanity.

So the 108 days, became an amazing opportunity
to track and trace
the discoveries
and uncover-ies necessary to
make an undoing a beautiful, kind and loving
and learning experience.

40 days ago the 108 days started.
37 of them have involved putting fears, worries, angers,
blames, all that shit,
into the mill of the Work of Byron Katie.

With, to me,
sweet and amazing results.

Seems too good to be true
if you are deeply committed,
or brainwashed, to
believe that endings have to be awful.

And still, even though it almost seems impossible:
this is turning out to be one of the best things
ever to occur in my life.

40 days, and the proof seems to be:
Change is possible.

And over at 108 Days: Unwinding with Love and Learning,
I talk about this 40 days in a slightly different way
and do
the Work
on the commonly held belief, by me, too often,
that: People Can't Change.

Check it out, if you want.

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