Thursday, October 09, 2008

Love Is

bee on salvia
bee on salvia, falltime business that makes sense of life

Love is

kind of hard:
have to die to old
of wanting the "other guy"
to shape up

Love is

Kind of Easy:
just going quiet
and seeing what's out
without a story,
we can't help but love
whatever it is

Love is

kind of hard,
we love our stories so much
and if we "try" to get rid
of our stories,
and fail,
we can get mad at the idea of the effort
or the other person that we have the story
if they would just love us more/ shape up,
then we could love

Love is

Kind of kind
Kin, as root of kind,
real kin,
we are one kind of kin,
not family squabble bullshit

Love is

kind of hard,
we are so busy,
and other people won't get
with the program
and who has time to
like, let alone love, others,
who don't realize how wonderful we

Love is

Kind of easy:
when we come to the moment
or let nature bring us to the moment
or moving with awareness bring us to the moment
or going quiet bring us to the moment

slowing down,
the problems rush away,
and we are just left
with nothing,

the nothing of Who We Are

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