Saturday, October 04, 2008

Other People's "Concern"

in the doldrums,
we really like
other people's

especially of the sort:
"How are you doing?"

And you answer.
And they listen.

And don't "help."
And don't tell you "it will get better."
And don't argue you out of how
you feel.

other people's concern
is an excuse to dive deeper
into "Feeling Bad,"
and their agreement to listen
seems to warrant our feeling badly,
and we end up feeling worse,
after their concern.

Gurdjieff, with a penchant for rather
severe automobile accidents,
used to forbid people to visit him
in his sick room
(he wasn't fond of hospitals).

He discovered their "sympathy"
and "worry" and "concern"
made it harder for him to heal.

Think of it this way:
Enlightenment is Loving what is,
and when we are healing,
we can be loving that healing.

The temptation to fall back into self pity
is great,
and other people often push that way.

Marlie and I,
can be cruising along just fine,
enjoying the undoing,
and then other people
think it's a big tragedy,
and I go back that mode:
ohmygod, I'm/ we're doing something

Here I need, help, and it’s right here, with
The good old question:
Is it true?
"I'm/ we're doing something wrong?"

Don’t think so.
Others might disagree.
Their business, their sweet, their own, business.


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