Friday, October 23, 2009

Benefits of the Anat Baniel Method and the Feldenkrais Method®

Improve awareness

Improve connection to the moment

Transforming back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain and so on

Transforming and undoing "getting older" creakiness

Transforming accident, injuries, recovery and over-all vitality

Recovery from strokes.

Improve awareness

Improve mobility

Transforming mechanical behavior to freedom

Transforming and undoing stuck and boring patterns

Transforming your life

Recovery from all sorts of setbacks, real or imagined.

More flexible brain

Encouraging a sense that "Anything's possible"

Younger brain

Smarter brain
Healing of brain from accidents

Slowing down and maybe even reversing MS, Parkinson's, dementia

Learning how to learn

Feel better

Feel taller

Better love making

Reverse inflexibility and narrowing down of so-called "aging"

Transforming cerebral palsy, autism, MS, other neurological challenges

Increase sports abilities

Improve awareness

Feel younger

Feel lighter

Move, think and breathe better

Better posture

Better acture (ability to move gracefully in any direction)

Move, think and breathe better

Expanded horizons and abilities to embrace change in life

Transform unhappiness and depression

Avoid Surgery

Heal Much, Much more rapidly from Surgery

Improve/ transform anyone's back.

Move better than you ever have before

Increase creativity

Increase skills in teaching yoga, tennis, golf, any sport, music, singing and so on

Learn quicker and more enjoyably in golf lessons, tennis lessons, music lessons, equestrian lessons

Sing better

Public speaking



Improve inner connection

Improve/ transform "tennis elbow."

Improve/ transform " tai chi" knee.

Improve/ transform musician's elbow, hands, back.

All repetitive stain injuries transformed as the whole you gets
better and better at sensing, moving, being at ease, skill, pleasure (a new ESP)

Improve/ transform gardener's back.

Deepen abilities to "relax," release and de-stress

Transform and cure insomnia

Help tradespeople keep injury free as they get older

Increase abilities to be present

Deeper connection to yourself

Clarity of thinking

Better walk, limp transformation.

Better circulation, lymph transformation.

Walk better, run better, sit better, sleep better

Transform dance, running, balance

Increase studying and learning abilities in children and adults

Decrease depression, anxiety, confusion

Increase life clarity

Transformation of dyslexia, reading abilities improved, math abilities, too

Undoing stress

Natural Vision Improvement

Transforming injury

Reverse carpal tunnel, repetitive strain

Learn to work at computers without wrecking ourselves

Improve scoliosis

Learn how to go about "problems" as glorious opportunities

Increase and enhance yoga, Pilates, martial arts

Return to youthfulness

Increase Learning

Improve breathing

Improve health

Improve balance

Increase confidence and curiosity

Become more Present

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Monday, October 19, 2009

working along to create a sweet space


happy making

using oneself
in each moment

life is full
and it can whiz along
and we forget
to notice the now

and the now
is all
there is

remember it
forget it

the now
doesn't care

it just keeps

what a sweet
to try
to ride


and as i move along
vacuuming and cleaning floors
and picking up cigarette butts
and opening boxes
and putting stuff in this shelf and in that room

the house begins
to take shape

and i can be sensing both arms
and legs
as i do this or

i can be grumbling words
in my head
and notice the tone or
of any words
in my inner "talk to myself"

I can notice and
believe the inner talk
and just come back
come back
come back
to the now

all can

and when "thinking"
if I allow, nudge
encourage myself to
sense my tongue
and get a sense of humor
about whatever I
believe is so important
to "think about"

if I do that
I'm free
back home
to myself
and the now

it's all good
as they say

and awake
a lot different
than asleep


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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

life is good

life is good


why not.

people are fun.

we can all wake up
to now

we can all chose
to be happy

we can all enjoy
something new