Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day Twenty-Four: Sensing the Floor, our Constant companion: Gravity

We can be in reality or not. A basic and wonderful and ongoing and usually forgotten aspect of the Reality on Earth is gravity. We can sense our relationship to gravity right now.

This now. This one and only.

Are we standing. Can we sense and get the understanding of how our feet are pressing down into the Earth as the Earth pulls us towards its center, and whatever surface we are on presses back up.

Sitting. If we aren’t leaning back, and don’t have armrests, we are sitting on each Sitz/ sit bone, our ishiums (or is it ishii?), and we have weight probably little on one or both feet. If you are sitting check this out.

If you are leaning back, feel how that turns “sitting” into something like “lying down,” and notice how back and bottom and thighs on the chair and maybe feet all are pressing into whatever is holding you up.

Pay attention to whatever is hold you up.

Shift a little to get more clear about this. Shift left, shift right, shift forward, shift back: wake up to the moment and your ongoing relationship to gravity.

Tomorrow we’ll get a little fancier in sitting, and clarify the pelvis some more, but for today, pay attention to your butt, when you sit. If you have judgmental words in your head about it’s size, drop them.

Sense is about real experience in the real moment.


This now.

Read these words and add on awareness of gravity.

If that is “too easy,” add on awareness of your breathing.

If that is a delight, add on awareness of awaring as a central gift and birthright of being a human.

Enjoy your day on planet earth.

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