Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas coming, the geese are getting worried, parenting Wed,

marlie squat pray

one day
will all be dead

one day
a long time ago
or long long
time ago
depending on your sense of timing
the Jesus child was born

he was clear on His life's purpose:
to be one with God
to speak for God
to help people find the Kingdom of Heaven within
to try to put out this radical message:
love your neighbor
love your enemy

a big job he/ He set out to do
and with some miracles to jazz up the interest
and some good parables
and a great salesman (Paul)
some of his/ His stuff and ideas are
still around

and some days
we love our neighbors
and love our enemies
and even
love our selves

wednesday is
"supposed" to be about parenting:

sometimes the little shits
seem like enemies
and then
we have to remember:
whose idea was it to bring them into the world
what is it that they don't understand
what is it that we don't understand
about how we are contributing
to their being
in one of their awful states

and then,
as always,
when we learn how we are asleep
and operating out of habit
and control programs
and forgetting to listen,
we can breathe
and be
and listen to them
and our own life

and then we can be happy
and when we are really happy
the enemy thing

and if this doesn't work
then the work will


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