Sunday, March 07, 2010

Day Seven, The Kingdom of Heaven, Resting on Seventh

The Kingdom of Heaven can be an abstract concept, or an ongoing experience. To coax it more fully into our lives, slowing down, at least occasionally, is essential. Some traditions call for this every seven days.

Is within. The Kingdom of Heaven is within, says Jesus in the Bible. Within. Not up in the sky. Not some high grade Santa Claus’s reward for being good little boys and girls in our life.

Within ourselves.

Within our own bodies, these temporary shells, in there, right Now, is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Maybe now IS the Kingdom of Heaven. To be explored later. For today, let’s look within our bodies.

For today, day seven, spend some time doing as little as possible.

You know, take a walk. Lie down and move slowly. Take a nap. Meditate. Go TV free. Go book and reading free.

Go eating light or large, but if large do it slowly and in the middle of the day and don’t have dinner.

Slow down on the seventh day and do a lazy and open minded and happily awaring search scan meandering listen for the Kingdom of Heaven within.


Who are you?

How does slowing down help you find you.

How does it taste and feel and sense to get some inkling of an experience of the Kingdom of Heaven?




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