Friday, July 15, 2011

The Joy of Divorce

I am deepening and broadening my work.

I will be including the Anat Baniel method of working in
groups and privately with people to upgrade their nervous systmes
to undo pain,
transcend limitations,
become more young, free and intelligent in their bodies


the work of Byron Katie
to transform
pain, hurt, anger, resentment and confusion
peace, freedom, joy, love and happiness


the "not really work"
more the life path
of Being Present

to help us all recall the everypresent
as a way out of suffering
into pleasure, creativity, potency, and lifelong vitality


some work/ play/ discovery I've taken
from Gestalt Therapy
and refined to make a marvellous path
to taking the juice away
from both our Inner Critic
and our Inner Victim
and bringing it back
to the calm, happy, smart and loving Real Self
who is us
without the baggage


Conscious Communication
patterned on Speaking Circles,
with the goal and pleasure
of real talking
real listening
being present in both ends of the conversation
and the delight of all that

So, I'll say more on this here tomorrow,
but I wanted to get started

If you are a sister of mine,
or someone who might want to write an old fashioned letter
to me:
my new address is to the right.


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