Thursday, June 23, 2011

What is a Life for?

What are you doing right now?

That is what a life is for.

And if it isn't "good enough"
what do you want all the little nows
to add up to?

And how wonderful do you want this little
to be,
even on a computer,
which we go to...

to communicate?

practice being present?

all sorts of possibilities
are there not.


and what is a life for?

you decide,
what would you like your life to be for?


Signing off and on the way to Orcas for the week of July 25-July 3

Doog is backwards good



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Friday, June 17, 2011

Consolidating at Life Potency/ Enlightenment in Action blog

Hi Francesca
and anyone else who reads this:

a person who is giving me some wonderful guidance
in achieving my own consolidated Signature System
suggested I consolidate the blogs,

so I'm posting Monday, Wed, and Friday,
in roughly the same three areas:
children and parents
movement and waking up
love and life

all at

and today's post is more into
the Big C
cancer as the wake up call
essay I started here
last week

it might be a week by week thing
for awhile

Cancer is like
a cancer
in our society

if i ever move back to Sonoma,
this is a great name to hang

to one
and if there's more,



Friday, June 10, 2011

Finding, Feeling,, Feeding, Forgiving, Waking Up

To cure cancer,
I'd suggest this is a wonderful chance to find

This is a long discussion, and a good start
would be to write a list of 108 things you are grateful for,
and to think long and hard about
who you would be if you stopped thinking.

Doing the work of Byron Katie would be indispensible
to forgiving
which always needs to be done if we have any dis-ease.

All illness has an anger component
turned inward.

sugar and flour and unfermented soy and crap fats
have to go.

Look at the food page of my website.
we need to feel vital and sweet inside

if you have a mate,
talk to them in the present
5 minutes they talk and are present
5 minutes you talk and are present
each listens in the present

do this for half an hour
before sex

have sex every day
no matter how "tired"
so do the talking every day

be present

if you feel stuff,

find the sensations
without the words

do the work of Byron Katie to get there

this is short

it will either save
or life
or make every day you
have so much better
you'll thank your dis ease
for waking you

this moment
is the
to start
a lifetime


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Friday, June 03, 2011

Feeling good even though part of you feels bad

Paintings by yours truly
Fun to be "not yet good" at something
lots of learning for now, and tomorrow and so on
You could be "broken hearted," but what if you paid
attention to your feet feeling good,
and made a list of 100 things for which you were grateful

You could have 'too much' in your belly
and realize:
hey, a chance to slow down, and
take a walk
and sense my brething
and see what happens to me moving
in ways that remind me of places besides the belly
in me
that are enjoyable

and right now,
sweet reader,
what is enjoyable in you?

as a sensation?

As a feeling?

What gratitudes are lurking,
and can you jot down ten?

The warm sweet outside air
the miracle of this computer stuff
tea that I made for myself
the tai chi I'm inventing
Love returning
the summer coming on
my amazing spine holding up my amazing head
the skills I have in the world of Neurological Upgrading
the difference I can make in people's lives
the invention of moving toward of a Process of transformation
moving with ease
feeling happy almost at will

eating too much
so I'll have something to write about

what's your awareness list
your gratitude list
have you been outdoors in
the last several hours.

I haven't and intend to once this is done
and three
(and no more than three)
emails are rewritten

I'm grateful that I have this skill
and often remember it,
being intuitively aware
when "enough is enough"

and knowing when "enough is enough"
on the computer
is a grand, sweet skill

necessary I do believe
to the survival of the species

if we forget to walk
and forget to love nature

we are doomed

my opinion,
and I'm happy now
the species can be doomed
or not

to be present is to be happy


enough is enough here..

Do consider buying my book and having a transformation
game a day for 108 days.

link here: Contents of 108 Game/ lesson/ adventure/ meditation Book

four prices $13, 27, 54, 108

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