Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hallow Ween and Parenting

marlie in headress

what are you going
to be for Hallow Ween??
new almost blog starting at
Marvelous Marlie Blog

my favorite memory
as the parent who "gets"
to go out with his kids
on Halloween
was when my son was perhaps
four or five
and it was his first night out

he was superman
and didn't know yet
he would grow
up to be an actor
(he's thirty one now),
but we could have guessed

the candy was boring to him
compared to getting to wander
all over the neighborhood,
going behind bushes
and then jumping
and again
as superman

his sister
older and into the candy thing
big time
(sugar free until we took Amtrak
across the country when she was two and a half,
and everyone had to offer the little cutie
some sweets,
and that's another story)
keep wanting him to move
he kept having fun

what is a sane parent
to do
with the sugar thing
and the hype thing

be present
find some great natural sweets
to make and give the kids at home:
apples, honey, pears, whatever
is in season:

fat plus sweet = most deserts
so a date or fig or banana or apple
and some peanut butter
or tahini or almond butter
fill 'em up on healthy sweets

and then what to do?
ah, you'll figure it out

be present
give hugs
give love
most starvation for sweets
is a starvation for love

so pour it

and think about:
who would you be
if you could put on a costume
and have some fun

and i don't mean the usual
dance too hard
dance things

ponder and
somehow take advantage
the hallow sacred night
night and the unconscious
not costume to buy
but the concoct string together
in the mind's eye

the play's the thing

let them be
in the play stage
of the world

there's probably a way
to avoid the candy thing
and you have
the fun of figuring that

your play
on your stage
the parent game


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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Two days to go

quarry hill plant
On Thursday
November 1
begins the
NaNoWriMo/ National November Writing Month
during which anyone gung ho
or crazy
or curious enough
is set loose to attempt
a 50,000 word novel
in one month

is invited to

I'm going to go for it,
so the blogs that month
might be a bit skimpy.

and of course:
writing is one
and being
while writing
is a whole sweet game
beyond the game

looking forward
to both

and never have
to wait
for the right time
to wake up

marlie in headress

a beginning of a blog
for Marlie starting at
Marvelous Marlie Blog

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Yoga: Standing on One leg, 1

Human beings can do a lot of things,
many of them fairly stupid,
and some
marvellous and we don't even know it:
such as standing on two feet.

Lo and behold,
Why stop there?
How about standing on one leg?

Turns out
in its quest to help us clarify what this
body thing
body mind thing
focusing and attention thing
is all about
has a bunch of one legged postures.

And great:
every time we walk
we are one legged
for a little while.

in yoga,
we hang on one longer.

So, let's take the simplest
and make one set of clarifications
this week
and some more next week.

The pose:

How to do it:
You know,
but just in case:

Stand on one foot,
bring the sole of your other foot
to your ankle
or your calf
or your thigh,
or bring your ankle of the up foot,
across the standing up leg thigh.

Anyway: there you are on one foot,
and the hands?

In prayer pose:
at heart
or above your head.
Or arms parallel above your head.

then you stay there awhile,
and if you want to get fancy,
close your eyes and stay there.

the affirmation:
"I am calm. I am poised."


And to clarify:
try this.
First experiment with your two legs
and discover which side does Trikonasa better.

Then do it on the "second best" side again,
and see how it is,
and specifically notice:
where is your hip joint?

Then lie down.
Stand the foot on the ground/ floor,
of the "second best" balancing leg.
Leave the "first best" leg lying straight and
it will just do nothing for awhile.
So we'll call this "second best" leg,
the Leg.

Now: imagine where your hip joint
is for the Leg.
Hint: it's not at the outer edge we
call our hips.
Nor is it in the crease where our pants
make a fold, in the groin area.
So where is the hip.
Find out.

Move the Leg, with foot in place,
the knee to the right and left.
Search for where the hip joint is.
Really slowly.
Take rests.
Do this again.

As usual for Mondays,
the rest of this is at Clarifying Standing on One Leg, #1


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Sunday, October 28, 2007


world series
world serious
whirled series

of words
coming along
to open the nest of fall

around here
things get confused
with the fall rains
brining the grass
and then warm days
and it's
upside down spring

and all the ads
and my Self
go outside
and soak
it in

while it

and what
once again

something to do
with love
i do reckon
and something
to do

the good old seven:

wake up to now
love being alive
love self
love others
be of use
be happy
heal the earth


whatever you
call "it"

life is good

and is that true?

who knows?

and still:
what fresh air
what beautiful sky

and maybe,
going with the fall theme,
we'll go rescue some walnuts
from the ground

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

raw milk

dogwood at quarry hill
dogwood at quarry hill

i like raw milk

this is how
if humans can drink the food
meant for baby cows
it is beneficial

milk is a bit iffy
but if we are going to use
and yum it is

i think it should be raw

and now,
according to chronicle
some bill passed
that is going to make
it almost impossbile
after the first of the year
to get raw


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Friday, October 26, 2007

God, she giggles, sometimes

quarry hill plant
when it rains
the skies are dark
the clouds are thick
the water wet

and behind
the sun

and when
we suffer
or angry
or angry to hide
our sorrow

it all

and sometimes
for us
to wake up and fall
back in love
with Everything

and sometimes
She just has to giggle
almost uncontrollably
( sweet sometimes)
at how
worked up we get


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Thursday, October 25, 2007


fires in the Southland
many flee
Earth cleanse

3 jets smash
3 buildings
thinking/loving stops

Earth eats
fall rain
grass returns

crickets are the
of summer
frogs are
the crickets
now: still crickets

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Parenting, Big, Little, Love, and ????


Sure we love
wash 'em
put to bed
change the diapers

all the good stuff
practice for all the years
and days
and hours
we've forgetten

and yet
from their side
we are these seventeen
foot giants
telling "em
what to do
what not to do
something pushing
and pulling just
a bit too hard
for the little bodies
and arms
often voice to loud
and lots
(and we wonder were the "terrible twos" comes from,

of couse
we know,
it's "for their own good"
(honesty might include:
"for our own convenience"
"fot the sake of a ritual
my tribe believes in")
but anyway

they are little
our side
means nothing

we are giants
ordering them around

think about how
that must feel sometimes


who knows
but worth

a big side

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

just life, on lawn

this the lawn
the traffic near
the building buzz of
some motor needing to
command some powerful something
over there
in our ears

and yet
birds stil call,
talking to God,
or each other,
or the ears of the listening
and students,
in some much black,
pace slowly
and talk earnestly
on another patch
of lawn
all so near to the pine,
spreading branches thirty forty feet u
and out, too,
forgetting it's in a city

life in all it's
fresh fall day
is here
and without
the story,
and shucks,
there you
are, sweet friend,
reminder of the Friend,
knitting closeby


i follow my breathing
and smile

i have just read poems
about more deeper nature
farther into pond
and forest,
not muffled in traffic,
and part of me
i were there, too

and so wishing

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday Yoga: Tadasana, Mountain Pose

Yoga on a Monday:


This one is

and oh, so beautiful

Stand with your feet firmly planted
on the ground

bring your eyes to the horizon
go a little below
and a little above

see if you can find a position for your neck
that leads your eyes to being directing parallel to the Earth
to the Earth

But let's not
be so simple
with the simple

let's explore some more:::::

The affirmation here is:
I stand ready to... connect with my Highest Self
I stand ready to obey Thy least command
I stand ready to live in the Here and Now
I stand ready to live life to the full

you pick

the rest of the posting
can be found,
as usual on Mondays,
over at
Tai Chi Yoga Weight Loss Health Blog

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Beautiful Day

the sun
warm and sweet

i gave a brilliant
Feldenkrais lesson

and then finished a short story

started the day with yoga

now some lunch

excited by the idea of
National November Writing Month

thousands of people
set out to write
a 50,000 word
novel in the month
you guess it

enoy the day


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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Watershed Walk

From Thursday thru Monday
lots and lots
happening from Sugarloaf Park,
and the beginning of the Sonoma Creek
to the bay, and
the end

our valley:
a big basin
to scoop water
toward the bay
and then
the ocean

water in circles
rain down,
in ground
in creek,
up to air,
out to ocean
up to air
rain down

the circles of
and the round way
we really see the world
and this square box
called the computer
usually in a square box
called a home
or an office

oh, well

nice things:
ceremony this morning
led by Teresa Rousseau
of Earth Dance Cirlce
led the benediction this morning
in a circular meadow
and we worshiped the four directions
and it was nice
forgot up and down
and still
it was nice

later today
songs by a creek

and then
a strange
in the best sense of the word (new and not in old robot comfort zone)
and wonderful dance
by ledoh

like this

well later for the pics
blogger is acting up

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Big Picture: the Sweetness of Now

water bear Reed College
Skies above, Earth below, we are alive on a beautiful planet. The planet is in trouble, which means: we are fouling our nest, and the nest of millions of other species.

At yet: this moment can always be a beautiful one for us, if we are truly present to the miracle and the actuality of our being alive. Right now.

Right now: we are breathing
Aware of it, or not aware of it.

Right now, we are living in the ocean of gravity
We sit, lie down, stand, walk, run, swim
Anything we do is an adjustment to gravity
A use of ourselves in the gravitational field
Can we have a field day being aware of this

Right now,
Sitting at a computer
How do our feet relate to the ground,
And our bottoms
Are we leaning back on the chair
Are we slumping or arching our backs,
Can we feel what we are doing with our sternum and
Our neck

Our eyes
Right now
Taking in light
Is this a delight

The big picture:
A big world
That can use our help
And if we are happy
We don’t need to rush so much
Don’t need to buy so much
Don’t need to make others unhappy
We can just tend our gardens and take a walk and talk to
Friends and be content in the present

Be joyous in the present
A present to ourselves
A present to the Earth
A present to those around us

And when is the best time
To start coming home,
Home, Home, Home
To the sweetness of now?

Ah, right now.

Love is waiting,
Only love.

This is part of the new pattern
Monday: something on yoga or tai chi
Wednesday: Parenting
Friday: the Big Picture

everyday: something


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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Big 3, Law of 7

602, tree and water
there is actually a law of

sort of like Hegel's
thesis, antithesis, synthesis

for anything that needs change:
you have a force going for change
a force opposing,
and then you need something out of the
(like a brain, a heart, another person,
an idea)
to create a way out of the loglamb

that's all aside
sort of

big 3:
in the old days
might have been Father, Son and Holy Trinity

today the
might be
Money, Power, Status

I propose these three
as mine:

Nature (big Nature: the Earth, little nature: our body/mind selves)

and thinking about my
and what what is important

I arrive with seven:

Wake Up
Love Life
Love Self
Love Others
Be of Use
Heal the Earth
Be Happy

ciao for Thursday,

p.s. brilliant little essay
in today's thing
over at the feldie blog
Stress, Learning and the Feldenkrais Method®

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wednesday Parenting Post: Loving in Action

Parenting is not something our children ask for. It’s something we do, and they live with. They suffer with, they put up with, they thrive with. Parenting is our job. In some systems, the soul decides to come back, chooses the parents, blah, blah, and maybe yes, maybe no, and most children have the complete right to say, “I didn’t ask to be born.”

So what’s our job as parents?


To love.

That’s it, and on the “good days,” this is easy, and on the rest of the days, it’s a job.

A good job.

The best job in the world.

Have you stayed with me: on the “bad days,” parenting is the best job in the world. Why? Because when they are being little turds, then we have to get our …together and learn what loving really is.

You know the thing from the bible, where Jesus, almost with a sense of humor, says “Anyone can love really groovy people, but can you love them when they are sinners.” Something like that, and He has to drag in the old sinners thing, or maybe it’s just the translators. Over the eons.

Doesn’t matter.

The point: when they are good, they are very, very good, and when they are “bad,” they are horrid. (Little curl in the middle of the forehead, and so on.)

And when they are “bad,” we get to discover that “bad” is in the eye of the beholder, even if they are breaking our really great stuff, or hitting their innocent angel little sister/brother, or saying “No,” for the ten thousandth time to our Wise and Reasonable Rules, Demands, Requests, Pleads, and Barks.

So, how to do that?

Well, the Work of Byron Katie is the way to go at night, later, when we aren’t on the battlefield and we need to get clear about where IS the obstacle to love: in the little horrid child’s behavior, or in our mind that doesn’t know how to unconditionally love? Loaded question, eh, and the Work, never posits one right way. It does allow us to get into our mess (Judge your neighbor/child), and slow down the mental mess (Write it down), and sort out the mess (Ask four questions), and bring the wisdom on home to our own hearts and minds (Turn it around).

But no rules, such as Thou Shalt Unconditionally love the little angels/beasts.

Nope, it’s all about understanding our suffering when we don’t love. So if we aren't unconditionally loving, we are going to be suffering.

(Don't take my word for it. Do the Work, or your work, or whatever you need to do.)

And then: back to the battlefield. What to do there, when we are ready to blow our stack, or at the very least, throw away love and get into Boss gear?

Same thing: Know what our habit is. Listen inside our minds to the voice and the words we are about to hurl out. Notice the habitual actions we want to take.

Slow down. Which is kind of already required, isn’t it: since we’ve slowed down enough to notice, instead of charging ahead in the old habit.

So, maybe way near the beginning is this: knowing we are going into the judge, anger, reaction mode. Then watching it.

Have this idea: What else could we do than what we usually do?

And then, here’s the key, or one of the keys: follow our breathing. Look at the child without a story of how they should be different. Come to a calmness inside our own bodies, and look, look, look. And wonder: what is going on? Wonder, if I were this child, what steps could the Giant make that would make it easier for me to shift out of my doo doo? Wonder, about what the child imagines the world is and should be at that moment and see if you can help the child make sense of their anger or fear or stubbornness.

Maybe then, we'd end up helping calm ourselves and the child,
and bringing clarity,
and the idea of listening to/ paying attention to/ caring about/ empathizing with another,
we might say,
something like:

“If I were you, I’d want to stay here all night, too. You are really having fun. And it makes you angry when I take you away when you are having fun. And you really don’t like me when I take you away and you don’t want to be taken away. And it doesn’t seem fair that I get to tell you what to do all the time. Is that pretty much how it seems to you?”

Something like that.

Hmmm. Come to think of it, this wouldn’t be a bad way to be if a mate or parent of co-worker or friend got angry with us, would it? (Notice or don’t notice, that I stay out of the non-truth land that NVC gets you into when it starts talking about the “needs” of another. The child/ mate/ coworker doesn’t “need” to stay, or to feel in control, but they certainly “want” to.).

So, anyway: if we slow down, find peace in our own bodies,
we get out of the me, me mode
which is the death of love
and then we can
look at the child as someone who has real and valid and deeply felt reasons of their own.

Maybe these reasons are understood, probably not, and that’s our job, too: to help them make sense of why they have good and righteous reason to hate us for a moment or a day or an hour.

So love is….

Something to learn. And learning how to slow down, give them their fury or “badness,” help them see what’s going on, work from a framework of listening, and paying attention and deep concern for “their side” of the deal: wow, that’s a long way toward love in action, isn’t it.

And if love isn’t in action, it’s probably not love.

Ciao, for this Wednesday’s parenting essay.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Walking and Living, both Good



To walk is part of the miracle
of being human
in a planet where gravity
is one of the big three
along with sunlight, and air.

This is who we are,
long tall creatures,
ready to fall forward,
again, and again,
and if we stick one foot after another
out to catch us,
it's called walking.

Walking is fun,
and it's good for us.
Personally, I'm not that fond of walking on concrete
and asphalt,
my feet are softies
or spoiled by years working in a garden I created,
where I made the paths as moisture retaining
and weed supressing areas by
using cardboard covered with woodchips.

I like to walk on grass and sand
and dirt
and even gravel.

And that's my preference.

Be that as it may,
some people say that walking is the best exercise,
and I might agree.

Two other contenders for BEST
Swimming and

Both of the horizontal,
fish world,
more primative,
and certainly with their own spice and

More of this posting
at Walking Again
as part of the WakeUp-Feldenkrais blog.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Yoga for a Monday: Vira 2


Warrior II
or Virabhadrasana II
Vira 2:

This a sweet pose
for strength
and joy
and connection to Earth
and to our Heart
and to the Bigger Universe.

In DNA (Discovery, Nature, Ananda/Awareness) yoga,
we are up to all sort of variations:
lean "too far" forward,

lean "too far" back

To read,
this posting in its complete form
please continue
at Tai Chi Yoga Weight Loss Health blogspot
(each Monday we'll do something about yoga or tai chi)

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Unknown World

trees in spring

later today
an hour ago:

it's all "unreal"
in a certain sense

and the more we sense
right now

the more
all of that
doesn't matter

and is that any way
to love


because that person
in front of us
who "did something wrong"
last week
and therefore
we can get worked up
because they "might"
do something wrong again
next week
or tomorrow

right now:
they are just the person
in front of us

they may be yammering away
totally asleep
and can we wake up
to our beauty
and theirs
underneath the yammer

can we listen
for the love
of life
that is trying
to pour
from their hearts
and ours
right now

the unknown world:
what's inside of another person
what's inside of us

and yet,
are hints
aren't there


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Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Known World


the world
is known in little bity chunks
and we think
we are gods,

but to know this:
the smile of a child
the glistening leaves after a rain
the light shining off a nearby rooftop
the hum of a bee
the chatter of a batch of birds
the sweet smell
of the air
in the early morning
or after a rain

or in the early morning
after a rain

to take a walk
and feel our feet touching the ground
and our spines holding us up into
the heavens
M sleeping on couch
or a doze
in the middle of the day
after working hard
in a garden
for two days
getting ready for a
Big Event

my heavens
what a world
and how
much do we have to know
to be

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Big Picture: Walking and Being Human

water bear Reed College
The Big Picture:
Upright bodies on little feet.

Most of us can walk. If we can’t walk easily, or suddenly have trouble, we realize how precious is this skill that so many take for granted. To walk on two feet, circus tigers and trained bears aside, is a uniquely human ability.

This ability is amazing.
If you attempt to make a sculptural model of a human being,
two little feet way down there holding up this long body,
with big head,
and ribs and arms to balance
and support,
this scupture will topple,
unless you give your figure a staff to hold,
or put a big pedestal gluing the feet

But, two feet are unstable.
That means: a huge increase in mobility.
It also means walking is easier than standing

(we don’t need to go into that now,
but think of it this way:
since we are inherently unstable,
falling forward from one foot to the next
catching ourselves witht the moving forward
as we fall,
a that's walking, folks,
more or less)

If we have a bum knee
or a hip trouble
or get old and creaky
or have had a stroke
or have a neurological difficulty,
we begin to appreciate
how miraculous
and wonder this walking gift
and ability of ours is.

And how does this fit into the Big Picture?
We are human beings.
We don't automatically scamper around
like a calf or a young goat.
We have a lot of learning to
come to walking.
We have a big brain,
that was designed to learn
by movement and discovery.

how are we improving and learning
and using our big brains
these days?

use it or lose it.

Ability to learn:
use it our lose it.

Wonderful brain:
use it or lose it.

use it our lose it.

What's that got to do with walking?

Can we love ourselves
and everyone we see
and all that we see and notice
around us
as we take a walk?

Doesn't that sound
like a powerful meditation?

I think so.


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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Waking Up and Feldenkrais

This moment comes once
and is gone.
We are here and awake to notice that,
or we are missing in action,
or missing in inaction.
Either way, if we are missing the moment,
our life is going on,
and we are not there with it.

To be awake is so simple and yet so
from how we mostly live our lives.
It is as easy as the slightest shift,
to noticing ......

this essay continues today at the wakeup-feldenkrais blog,
at Waking Up and Feldenkrais

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Parenting, Heaven and Hell, #1


A Parenting Ramble
will be published each Wednesday here at
Freud called Parenting the impossible job.
Moshe Feldenkrais said the real work is
to make the
"Impossible possible,
the possible easy,
and the easy elegant."
Let us begin.

So, the little kids,
the happy babies,
the giggling toddlers,
the inquisitive younguns,
the fiesty and creative youth,
the beautiful and blossoming teens,
the friendly, courageous and happy youth

and so on.

Life with children
can be wonderful.

And we can help
with this,
as parents,
or formerly active parents,
or bystanders who can stand
or even like
kids, children, youth, young adults.

How can we help?
slow down.
Surprise, surprise,
that idea coming in
this blog, eh?

Slow down how you drive your car
in general,
to remember to breathe
and to see the world as it passes by,
and slow down
when children are in it
so you don't crash
so they can learn that life
doesn't have to be a rush
and so
you can listen to what they
want to tell you
and so
you can take a breath
you say something back to them.

In the car
have your eyes on the road
and some attention on your children
and some
on your breathing,
if you can do all that,
you are teaching them how to participate
fully in life
and you and giving yourself happiness instead
of an ulcer
and you are practicing
being now

being now
is the greatest gift
you can give
or your children.

So next time you are in the same
with them

slow down,
follow your breathing
look at them
listen to them

and see what blossoms
from those moments


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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The purpose of Life

view from hill

this is an interesting proposition.

Let me be gentle with myself
and take the easy
way out:

one purpose
to life
is to
be alive
and to
we are alive.

and another:
to be alive
and to know that other people
are alive

and another:
to be alive
and know we
and others
are alive
and that the Earth is alive
and to be
of use

to ourselves
to others
and to Earth

what the heck:
to have a good time,
you know,
the happiness thing

while doing it

*** *** *** *** ***

this was formerly,
but the links got a little weird to the video,
so i rewrote the blog.

But, here's two links,
that you might enjoy,
the animal part to
Life on Earth:,

Dancing Rhythm Bird

and monkeying around:

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Monday, October 08, 2007

Monday Yoga: Cat and Cow


Cat, belly in, ready to hiss and ???strike

Today's posting is over at
Tai Chi Yoga Health Weight Loss Blog

It's about, what's called the:

Cat and Cow, one of most effective and soothing and spine educating of all the Yoga poses.

And: it's a movement, which makes it different from most of the yoga poses.

Also called: Beetleasana. And maybe that's not how you spell it.

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Sunday, October 07, 2007


water beauty

In life,
we have lots
of choices:

Above the line or
below the line:

as in
proactive or

or stuck

free and seeing the other
a slave and trapped in our "stuff"

or confused

or distracted

or conditioned

or compulsive

or knowing it all

we are the same as others,
separate from others ( feeling above or below)

loving what is
fighting what is





?????, machine


growing more alive
becoming stale

and so on

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Saturday, October 06, 2007

I don't know: Honest and Useful, Often

bridge to ???
Not Knowing

When we do the Byron Katie work,
a big conclusion is :
”I don’t know.”
The first question asks: Is it true? And the answer is often: I don’t know.

If we truly live in the present,
what the future is going to be: I don’t know.

Brendan remembered from a book on Leonardo diVinci
that one of his abilities was to live in the state of,
you guessed it: I don’t know.

About Moshe Feldenkrais,
it has been said that he had a huge tolerance
for ambiguity.
He didn’t need to know.
He loved not knowing, that meant he got to attempt to learn something.

With a client in WakeUp Feldenkrais
and the Anat Baniel Method,
we don't have to know the specific outcomes.
That is impossible.
We do know we are going to get some outcome,
something wonderful,
but what: don't know.
But we try lots of variations,
to create some outcome,
some change, some (maybe even radical) opening of possibilities.
If we try something and it "doesn't work,"
great, we are in the I don't know state: we try something else.

Always something to learn,
for ourselves and our clients.

A lot like a real relationship, and keeping love alive.

About life: the “such and such is too hard”
story often gets undone and dissolves,
with the Work, into a state of
excited curiosity:
I don’t know how to do this YET, and what am I going to do to learn what I don’t know yet.

What I don’t know yet,
is the
of potential
glories of my life to come.

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Friday, October 05, 2007

Big Picture: We live, we move

fremontia flowers

if we are alive
we need to move


to get food
to make love and make more of us
to go to the car and drive ourselves crazy
or drive somewhere wonderful

we move to breathe
we move to think


why does it take longer to count from twenty to thirty
than from one to ten?

think about it
try it out
see how something like movement
is involved in something as
as counting

and getting up from the computer
going outside
to take a walk:

if we can do
that :
we have access to a good life

and if we can't
learning is at hand
and we need to recognize
the life we could be leading
is far more sweet than
that which we are leading

without comfortable
at ease movement
life is far less
wonderful than it might be

if you want to move
all sorts of ideas
on this and the companion sites.


maybe even check out
her new upgraded site at
Anat Baniel Method

and also the sweet new site
at Feldenkrais (rhymes with paradise) Method

and my other sites,
which you can find links to at the side



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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Night Writing

reed lake

'tis late
i've reviewed the learnings of today
and now
"something to say
worth saying"

ordered some books on
the Gudjieff work
from Amazon,
ashamed to admit,
but got the idea
reading Gurdjieff legacy,
which i first saw at Reader's Books,
and is published by
Arete Publications

One book
Eating the i
is about William Paterson's
coming of age
as a Gurdjieff teacher,
wrestling with all the i's
in his very human
and very earnest personality

learning to "remember himself,"
the enormity of that task

just started

don't know if he
let's on
what a thrilling
this is
without which
is but a pale

but i
bet he does

and Gurjieff's message:
humanity is asleep
in it's day to day living,
we all are,
and if we don't wake up:
disaster coming


what to do?

read more
self remember
do the The Work of Byron Katie
learn amazing ways of transforming
and learning such as The Anat Baniel Method
connect to nature
follow our breathing
strive to continuously meditate
wake up to now
learn how to love
plant a garden
follow our breathing when reading and writing and
talking and listening

and eating


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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Meaning of Life

the meaning
of my
right now
to be
right now

to be typing
these black symbols
on the white background,
the click click of fingers
on the keyboard

my breathing
coming in
and out

a lot
each day,
as i near (tomorrow)
my 160th day of training
beyond my 160 days original

as i said yesterday
by spending some time
on the New Anat Baniel Method Website

and what does her work
have to do
with the meaning
of life?

it's fun
to go for something
you really love

and i love
and helping others
and being present
and being around my son

(the son
who is thirty one
and still a sweetheart
and i did a few things right
like let him be honest
about his anger
and his "shadow" side
and loved him
when he finally,
in college had a reject Dad phase,
and kept trying to be honest
even about my wish
to keep showering him with
"good advise")

and i love this
can i now
and now
and now

remember myself

this, today,
nowishly now,
meaning enough for me

and your meaning of Life??


and you
get to decide
the meaning
for you


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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Really, this could change your life


And you've heard that before

to move better
and think better
and rewire the brain
and create an atmosphere of
joyful learning
and improvement in your life

do check out

New Site for Anat Baniel Method

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Anat Baniel Method: new version website, up and going

Olson Park
Olson Park, where DNA yoga is taught Saturday and Sunday

a new

a new version
of an ongoing website

the training
and I
are attending:

to learn:

going slow
trying things in many ways
reducing force
being interested in the process
letting the outcome emerge
taking rests
finding new possibilities
using our non verbal thinking
being present
sharpening powers of awareness
refining attention
enjoying the learning

the website,
new version up today

lots on there
lots to learn:

free introductory workshop
this Saturday evening
down in San Rafael,
6-8 PM

and enjoy


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