Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 40: the Fullness

this is gentle, much gentler than it looks. is part of a Neurological Upgrading Lesson, otherwise known as Functional Integration

Think about your life? Think about your life with as much heart and as few “words in your head” as possible.

Where can you find a feeling of lots. Of plenty. I hate to use the word abundance, it having been so mercilessly exploited by various folks, often consciously or unconsciously making a buck off of other people’s feelings of scarcity.

So forget abundance.

Think “enough.”

Think: feels like I’m in the middle of a rich life.

If nothing comes to you, hey, get into the present and see all the colors, and feel both arms and both legs and your spine, and see what life can bring to you moment by moment, and feel that as plenty.

Right now, hey, put down the book and look out a window, or head on outside and feel the all-ness of life. Feel the fullness. Feel the richness.

Now take another pause. Sit quietly or even better, if circumstances permit, lie on the floor or some sweet Earth, and feel and sense yourself. If outside, look up at the sky. If inside, close your eyes and exult in your you-ness in the moment.

This is, in a way, advanced pausing. Coming to a full rich and plentiful now, a so little trouble to “get to” now, because it is here, always here.

Love this treat. Stay rich today. Enjoy.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 39: The Pause that can Change Everything, or Just some little thing

Daughter and now dead Dog. Life moves on. All loving is its own reward.

In between the thought and the action is a space where you can realize: this action could be hard, soft, fast, habitual, new, tight, soft, “right,” “wrong,” and so on.

We often lunge from one thing to the next, forgetting that pause, that place where we can go forward, can progress, but don’t have to.

Don’t have to.

This is the present of being present and unhurried at moments of transition, and a good martial artist learns to be present and awake and unhurried even in moments of “hurry.”

What does that mean?

Ponder a bit, and let it be something you experiment with today: to be unhurried, even in your hurry, and if you don’t “need” to hurry, be unhurried in you unhurry.

And this is our game today: to watch the pausing points, the points when we are tempted to lunge// rush/ fall / clunk forward into the next event and be pulled along in our lives as if we have no say.

So watch for the pausing points.

Find the pausing points, or some of them.

Pause at them in some experimental way. Sometimes a little longer than usual. Sometimes a lot longer. Sometimes actually taking a break of the walk, sit and meditate, little nap sort. Watch your fears that if you don’t keep your nose to the grindstone you won’t “get anything done.”

And if you let little breaks take over your day and it ends of true that you “don’t get anything done,” take pauses and breaks inside the diverting activity and see if they can give you a chance to divert back to your original path. So go slow, find the pausing points. Use them to open to ?????

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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Day One: Awaring our Life
We are alive. Miracle. Gift. Burden. Curse. Blessing.
Call it anything you want, and still this is the fundamental of being who we are: we are alive.
This is a book of 108 ways to feel more alive, to connect to joy and skill and learning and ease and pleasure and happiness in our lives.
Today we’ll start with the basic: see how often and how enjoyably you can waken out of your ongoing set of activities and remember: this is me, this is my life, I am alive.
In this moment, I am alive. In this moment you are alive.
Feel what it feels like in this moment (yes, this one, while you are reading this page, or listening to this page.).
Both kinds of feeling: the emotional feeling, how do you feel.
The sensory feeling: what can you sense in your breathing, or torso, or arms or legs or spine or eyes or smile or toes or fingers about how it is to be you right now.
This is the game of today: wake up to the now of being alive. Sense and notice and feel what it is like, how the experience of you being you is going.
Notice yourself as a living being.
As much as you can, remember yourself. Do this in pausing to come back to awareness. Do this as an undercurrent of awaring while you are going about your daily life.

This is a wonderful start, and it could carry us all the way to an amazing new life, or an amazing deepening of all the wonder and joy in our present life.
Day Two: Breathing, Feet & Eyes
To be alive is to be in an amazing world. A world very different from the world of the womb, where there was no gravity, no light, we didn’t breathe air.

And so this is today’s game: to sense our feet. If we are walking or standing, we can feel our feet pressing into the ground, the floor, the Earth. If we are sitting, we can have our feet on the floor and sense them pressing even a little into the ground. If lying, or all comfortable in some laid back position, we can still sense our feet.
What does sensing mean? To feel the physical sensations of a certain part of ourselves, the bones and the muscles and the blood and fluids, and even the nerves if we can. The skin, and what’s inside the skin and what the skin is touching.
Sensing is the basis of movement and all the learning that was so crucial in our transition from more or less helpless baby, to walking and talking and functioning child. Sensing is why we like a warm bath, or a sunny day, or love making.
Sensing helps us make sense of our lives.
Sensing brings us back to the non-verbal experience of ourselves in the present.
So part one of today’s game: sense our feet.

Second part, we can feel and notice and enjoy our breathing. Try this right now, feet being sensed and breathing noticed and sensed. It’s a lot, and boy does it bring us to now.

Third part, add on the light coming in the eyes. What are we seeing, not as words about what we are seeing, but as pure sensation now.

This is a lot, these three are a miracle. Enjoy the miracle. Give it a sweet go and be nice to yourself when you forget, and very happy when you remember.
Day Three: Look at a Tree
Nature is out there, waiting for us to take a walk and enjoy her.
Or, nature is with us every moment, since each breath we take in brings the good old familiar to the point of being forgotten AIR into our lungs. Air is the environment, we breathe the environment, we breathe the air.
We are nature, our bodies are part of nature, and out there, outside, we can see a tree.
We can look at a tree.
We can enjoy this.
If we slow down and just look at the tree, we very often find a calm and sweet place in ourselves.
Because we are nature and looking at a tree reminds us of the life that we are gifted with.
Because a tree might slow us down and remind us that we are rooted in the Earth and rise to the Heavens.
Because we don’t have any expectations of a tree, we can love it easier. What does that mean? We don’t want it to love us more, or respect us more, or lose ten pounds, or “be there for us.” We are pretty clear that it just is what it is.
So we can love it.

Today’s game: look at some trees and feel, sense, realize how letting the tree “be what it is” makes loving it so easy.
Do this a little.
Do this a lot.
Enjoy the trees in your world, and if it’s winter and you are in some place with no trees, find anything else living, and see it as “just what it is,” and see if the love rises in your easily.

Day Four: Lying on the Floor
Gravity is a constant in our lives, until we do into outer space, or maybe when we have lucid dreams and can fly.
And on two feet gravity is amazingly complex and we have amazingly figured it out, and most of us have no idea of how amazing that is.
And if we sit down, gravity is a little easier to negotiate.
And if we lie down, say on our backs, it is as if our whole back is our feet. It’s easy. We can’t fall. We are safe. Our brains are free to pay attention more easily and clearly.

What are brains for?
The perception of differences.
Creating order out of disorder.
Creating pathways of action that can enable us to fulfill our intentions.
Brains are amazing, perhaps the most amazing thing in the Universe.
So today’s game: notice little differences in your life, differences that you might otherwise have missed.

Start this way: lie on your back. Raise your left foot, so that the foot is “standing” near your right knee, but over to the side a bit. Left foot on the floor or ground, left knee toward the ceiling.
Begin to rotate the left side of your pelvis to the right, keeping the right side on the floor. Do this three ways: starting this movement in your pelvis. Starting by push your left foot into the ground. Starting somehow from your lower back.
Push your lower back and stomach forward (toward the sky) as you do this movement many times.
Go slow. Notice differences in your spine and ribs and breathing as you go through the movement. Rest after a number of times and notice the difference in your two sides. Notice the difference in your sensing of the floor. All day, notice differences.
Day Five: Five Lines, Fully Alive
Double day, amazing day, dig in, learn, thrive, fail or not fail, learn. Love the learning. Thrive.
Here’s one half of the game: feel your life. Feel being alive. Contemplate and see if you can sense at a deep and non-verbal level what it feels like in you, in the present, to be Fully Alive.
How does this feel in your breathing, and your eyes and your brain and your legs and your spine and your arms. How does this feel in your heart? Soul?
I’m pretty sure fully alive doesn’t mean being good, but it could well mean feeling of good cheer, even underneath almost anything else.
Check it out for yourself.

And two, let your love of now, and love of life expand to sensing your five lines. Which are?
Think of yourself as a children’s drawing of a person: stick line for the spine, nice round head at top, with smiling face, two lines out for the arms, two lines out for the legs.
This is your five lines: two arms, two legs, spine plus head.
That’s the double yummy for today of being fully alive: add to this feeling and exploration of this feeling, an ongoing sensing of both legs, both arms and your spine and head.
Sensing your arms can start at the shoulders and come all the way to each finger tip.
Sensing your legs can start in your hip joints (one leg at a time is the best way to fill in this awaring), and sense all the way out to each toe. We often forget our wonderful and amazing toes.
Hip joint to toes, knees, bones, two in bottom leg, one in top. All that stuff. Sense and enjoy.
Paying real attention to yourself, enjoy. This is you being deeply kind to yourself. You are worth it. Enjoy the learning and the peace and power this might bring.
Day Six: Pick up Sticks
Sit in a chair.
Sit up more or less straight. Feel your pelvis at the chair or bench or rock or log below you.
Breathe and feel what that’s like and how that involves or doesn’t involve your ribs.
Lean over and move toward touching the floor. Easy, go a few times, breathe, explore.
Sit up again and rest.

Now, put your right forearm on your left knee, and prop yourself a bit, and from this lower your head and right arm toward the floor. And then come back up, and slowly lower your right hand to the floor, letting your head hang free. (If you are confined to a bed, bring your knees toward the ceiling from lying on your back, and gently move your right hand down your left thigh and then calf.). Take your right hand down your left calf, caressing this and letting your head and eyes look to the left and right , while your neck hangs freely.
Go up and down, and then after twelve or so times, come upright and rest.
Imagine doing this on the other side.
Now do this on the other side.
Now: take your left knee in your left hand and put your right hand behind your head. Gently, gently bring your knee up toward your head. Gently, gently bring your elbow toward your knee. Take turns, elbow down, knee up, both together. Sometime take the hand from behind your head and press on your sternum so it goes down and you lean forward and lower your head and bring your knee up.
Rest. Imagine doing this on the other side.
Put both elbows on both thighs and alternate pushing your belly out and arching your back a bit, and pulling your belly in and letting your sternum go down, and rounding your back as if the look between your legs. Easily. Rest.
Reach down as in the beginning and play with spine and eye awaring all day.
Day Seven: The Kingdom of Heaven
Jesus says, the Kingdom of Heaven is within.
Thich Nhat Hhan says the Kingdom of Heaven is either now or never.
You are alive.
You are here, and each moment of your life is now.
What is being present like for you?
Can you almost as if taste the difference when you are present and when you aren’t?
Is that difference as if you are entering the Kingdom of Heaven, and forgetting it?

Is it for you as if the Kingdom of Heaven, and our true self is always there, waiting for us to return home to it, when we return to the present.

Search this out today, which might require more slowing down and being quiet and going a little or a lot out of the “normal” routine.

See what kind of day a Kingdom of Heaven is found through the door of now day could be.

Eight: Undoing Hate
Sometimes we hate things, or don’t like them, or get angry, or wish fiercely that someone would get the …. out of our life, or at least out of our “space.”
Oh, well. That’s human, if we aren’t perfect yet, and let’s grant ourselves the great joy of non-perfection.
So we hate/ dislike / are annoyed with someone.


Byron Katie, a gal who had a wake up experience from her life as alchoholic, chain smoking, overweight, depressed screaming mother, has developed something called the work of Byron Katie.
The first step is not to be good. To actually get into the judging of others. Get into it and write it down.
Judge your neighbor.
Write it down.
Ask four questions.
Turn it around.

Hmmm. This apparently is not about pretending we are “above” making judgments, since we are asked to judge and write it on down on some paper.
And how do we know we are judging?
When we feel stressed or unhappy.
So, anytime you are stressed or unhappy, write down a should or a shouldn’t about someone else. Forget that you “shouldn’t” have judgments. Just write it down.
And then read it. Slowly. Look at those words.
Are they true, or are they just an opinion.
Begin to play this game today, the write down any judging thoughts and asking: IS IT TRUE? And, hey, why not: sense your five lines today, too. Good.
Day Nine: What to Leave Behind
The house is on fire. You have five seconds to grab two things and get out. What do you take?
The ship is sinking. You jump off. What do you take?
You are leaving this life. You have an hour to look back: what is it you love and are thankful for and cherish as you depart this sweet world?
What are we when our stuff is gone?
Who are we without the words and stories we tell about ourselves?
What is good and sweet and easy and always there for us, with friends, without friends, with money, without money? Who are we?

Who are you?
What is the essence of your life, your You-ness in each and every moment of your life?

This is all today. This is everything today, and any day: who are we, deep and wonderful and miraculously at our core?

Clear and present and sweet inside.
Who are you?

Ponder and sense and breathe into this question today. If the answer comes in words, see if you can find the answer even deeper than words.

Go slowly, even in the midst of all else.
Go slowly, and feel with your being: when you’ve left all the other stuff behind, who are you? Who are we?
Day Ten: 4 questions and a turn around
So we’ve started this game, the Byron Katie what to do about suffering and stress game.
It starts like this: Judge Your Neighbor, Write it Down, Ask 4 Questions, Turn it Around.
The game goes deep, though it lacks the usual complexity of most systems that bring you to freedom (except the BE PRESENT system, the ultimate in simplicity). The Katie game though, goes on like this, with 4 Questions about the thought/ story/ belief/ opinion that is always there behind and tied up with stress and suffering. Take this thought/ story/ belief/ opinion and ask 4 ways:

That’s it for the questions. The turn around is grand, and that’s for another day.

For today play with setting out to be happy and stress free and honest and present all day. From the present and honesty, notice when you aren’t happy, or are in stress. In those moments write down your complaint about reality, preferably in a should or shouldn’t sentence. Write the thought, a sentence, short.
Look at the sentence. See how believing it and being miserable are part of the same package.
Then ask the first two questions: Is it true? And, Can I absolutely know that this thought is true?
So and so shouldn’t have died? Can I absolutely know this is true? I shouldn’t have made that “mistake.” Can I absolutely know this is true? Ask all day, for any and every thought hooked into any and all suffering. Good.
Day Eleven: Back to Heaven
What if heaven is loving What Is?
What would that mean?
Who knows? You will know if you stay in the present and do the work of Byron Katie when we get out of loving the Now.
So let’s learn on forward, like this:
Stay happy and present if you can. And when you can’t, notice the stress and notice the suffering and WRITE IT DOWN.
Look at the sentence you’ve written. Feel and sense your suffering. Begin to get very clear how the two are married.
And today’s game: WRITE IT DOWN each time suffering comes along. Write down the thought/ concept/ idea/ belief/ story. Make sure the sentence is in some way a clear opposition to What Is. A should or shouldn’t in the sentence make this most clear.
And ask the first three questions: Is it true? Can I absolutely know that this is true? And three: HOW DO I REACT WHEN I ATTACH TO THIS THOUGHT?
The reaction is good to write down, writing down a laundry list of all the “benefits” to this thought.
Like this: “So and so should appreciate/ love/ respect/ accept me more.” And the first two questions, True? Absolutely true? Then, the third, when I believe this, I feel….. How? Bad, sad, mad, depressed? What ? And my body gets this way…. And I avoid this person, or snap at that person, and what? And do or don’t do what in my life?
Have the thought written down. Write the list of all the effects of believing in that thought. This is quite the liberating bit of inner knowledge. Here’s what so and so does. Here’s my belief about what so and so did. Here’s my list of suffering from believing that so and so should have been different in that instance.

Start to enjoy how good we are at making ourselves suffer when we attach to certain thoughts.
Day Twelve: Trying out Freedom.
Judge your neighbor. Write it down. Ask 4 questions. Turn it around.
Question 4: Who or what would I be without the story?
Question 4: Who or what would I be without attaching to the thought?
Do it today.
Not “let go” instantly, but do the write down, do the first 3 questions and then go to number 4: test out in imagination how your life would be without the thought, or if the thought is there, without believing in it.

Someone treats you poorly.
Write it down: “So and so shouldn’t have treated me poorly.”
First two questions: Is this True? Can I absolutely know this is true?
3rd Question: when I believe this, what goes on in me and my life.
4th Question: When I don’t believe this, even though “so and so” is still “treating me poorly,” who am I? What am I? What happens inside? How do I feel? What can I see and understand that I couldn’t when attached to the thought?
What openings happen physically when I don’t attach to the thought.

And check this out: there is no rule, as in: “get rid of the thought.”

It’s more like this: notice the difference: You have the story about the world.
One way to go, question 3, believe the thought and….. happens
Another way to go, question 4, don’t believe the thought and …… happens.

Compare the two.
All day: notice, write, ask and compare: Who am I with the story believed? And, Who am I when I don’t believe the story.
Enjoy, learn, thrive.
Day Thirteen: Turn Around One Way
Sit it a chair, on the forward edge of the chair, so that your back is upright and not leaning into anything.
Breathe and feel your feet on the floor and your bottom/ pelvis on the chair and your spine holding you upright.
Now turn to look to the left and to the right, a few times, easily, and slowly, comparing the two directions.
Now rest. Then turn your head just to the left a few times and notice how far you turn by noting what you see at the end of your turning. Go slowly. Don’t strain. Then rest, and turn to the right and see how far you go that way.
Rest again.
Now put your hands on the opposite shoulder, so the right hand is on the left shoulder and the left hand on the right shoulder. In this position, turn your head just left and back to the middle , but allow your chest to turn as if it wants to look to the left, too. Do this a number of times, slowly and without effort.
Rest. Lean back in your chair if you want to in the rests.
Now, come to the front of your chair and put the back of your right hand on your left cheek, and your left hand on the chair behind you. In this position, turn to the left and back to center a number of slow, gentle times. Feel the spine and ribs helping your turn to the left. Rest with hand down and eyes closed and feel yourself in the present.
Now, come to the front again, put your hands as above, and turn to the left and stay there. Begin to turn your eyes left and right a number of times as you stay slightly twisted to the left. Rest.
Now, come to the front and shift your weight from the right side of your pelvis to the left a number of times. Rest.
Now come to the front and put the back of each hand on the opposite cheek, and turn slowly to the left and back to the center a number of times. Then stay to the left with your hands and ribs, but rotate your head a little to kiss first the back of your right hand, then the back of your left hand. Rest.
Now turn both ways and compare the ease and distance to the beginning.
Day Fourteen: Another turn around
Judge your neighbor, write it down, ask four questions, turn it around.
Take any judgment and write it down in a should or shouldn’t form. So and so should be nicer. So and so shouldn’t lie to me.
Do the four questions.
Learn today and play with the turn around.

Like this:
So and so should be nicer to me.
One turn around: I should be nicer to so and so.
Another: I should be nicer to myself.

So and so shouldn’t lie to me.
One: I shouldn’t lie to so and so.
Two: I shouldn’t life to myself.

And for everything:
So and so should love me more.
I should love so and so more. (And you don’t have to live with a person, or even invite them to dinner just because you love them.)
Two: I should love me more.

And this:
So and so should be more present.
I should be more present.

Love and live and learn this.
Have fun, laugh at how human we all are, and come on back to the present, if that feels right and beautiful to you.

Day Fifteen: Turn around again
Sit in a chair and turn easily right and left. Rest. Now just turn to the right and see how easy that is, and how far you turn.
Now, lie down on the floor, ground or a firm bed. Turn your head easily to the right here, and see how easy it is and what is your range. Rest.
Raise your left foot so that the left sole is pressing into the floor, and the left knee toward the ceiling. Push your left foot into the ground and rotate your pelvis to the right and turn your head to the right at the same time. And come back to the middle with both pelvis and head. A number of times, very slowly and very gently.
Rest, which means bring your leg down next to the other one. Feel what is going on inside you.
Now stand the left foot again, and make the same movement, but this time move your head to the left each time your pelvis rotates to the right. And bring them both in synchronous timing, back to the middle and repeat a number of times. Each time try to learn a little more about yourself, and feel and little more ease and pleasure. After many times, rest.
Again stand your left foot, and put your arms toward the sky or ceiling, what we call forward, because if you are standing, this would be forward. Touch palm to palm and keep the arms straight. Now push again the left foot and rotate your pelvis to the right, pushing out your belly as you do this. After a few times with the arms simply pointed forward/ skyward, begin to take your arms three times to the right as your pelvis goes to the right, and three times to the left each time your pelvis goes to the right. Feel the differences.
Go slowly. Don’t push. Feel each time as different. Do many times, and rest.
Now: left foot standing, arms forward as above, and do all this: pelvis to the right with belly pushed out, arms to the left, and head to the right, then slowly bring everything back to the center. Many times. Easy. Joyous. Learning.
And now come to sitting again and turn your head right and left and see if awaring your pelvis and ribs and eyes make this different than before.
Sixteen: Turn Around Again
Someone loves you.
You love them.
Times get tricky and they begin to act in ways that bother and disturb you.
Write down a big list of all the things they are doing wrong.
Read t his list four ways: one, with big seriousness and annoyance at how “bad” and “inferior” they are.
Two: with delight at how human and imperfect they are.
Three: with curiosity about the pain in their lives, or the patterns they are stuck in.
Four: with clarity about how stuck and limited we all are when we act from our patterns rather than the present.

Then do the Work of Byron Katie on each and every flaw of theirs and re-write the list in turn around mode:

So and so is selfish, careless, passive aggressive and sneaky becomes: sometimes at least, I am selfish, careless, passive aggressive and sneaky.

They are you.
You are them.
The trick: to wake up to now, and change ourselves in the moment and have enough humor and wisdom and honesty to ask them in ways they can hear to consider changing. Admitting we do the same nonsense will probably make it a lot easier for the other person to hear.

Love is slowing down.

Learning is slowing down.

Spiritual wisdom often comes from slowing down.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 38: Twisting and Circling to come to Straight

Berkeley Rose Garden last Sunday

Sitting and twisting in a probably new way

Sit in a chair. Let one elbow and forearm, your left, say, rest on your left knee, so you are bent forward and holding yourself up a bit with this left arm and elbow combination. Now take your right hand and place in behind your head, if you can comfortably do that. If not, put the back of your right hand on your check to the left of your mouth.

Either way, tilt your right elbow up toward the air, toward the sky, toward the ceiling and begin to make circles with this elbow. Imagine a long pencil or pen or feather dipped in ink with which you can paint on the ceiling or the sky. Make a nice circle from the elbow.

Go so slowly that your feel your ribs moving, so slowly you feel this in your pelvis, and so slowly most of all, so that you feel this in your back. Feel an arching when the elbow reaches a certain part of the circle and a folding in your back when the elbow comes to the other side of the circle.

Go slowly enough to notice where your circle gets away from a really round shape. Find the tension or hurry at those points and try to go even slower and with even less effort and see if that will help you draw the circle.

Bring your hands both to your lap and sit up and rest. Feel any changes.

Now, same left elbow down, and right elbow up and make your slow and interesting and pleasurable circles in the other direction

Rest again;

Now, switch arms and do the circle one way a number of times, and then rest, and then the other way a number of times, and rest then.

Feel on this side to a way to feel and connect and as if direct these circles from deep in your lower back and pelvis. Don’t strain. Don’t hurry.

Learn and enjoy.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day Thirty Seven: Learning can take us to Heaven, especially waking up learning

Dogwood in bloom in Sonoma, Ca, in April

Brendan, my son, at the Anat Baniel Method training, Special Needs Children, Segment 4, as part of some 60 people doing grand learning

Movement with attention
is one grand path to feeling
to sharpening up the brain,
waking up to now

Try this:

1. Sit in a chair. Don't lean back. Feel your pelvis against the chair, and your spine holding up your head. Enjoy that. Close your eyes, and sense two arms, two legs, fingers, toes, breathing, and spine.

2. Do this for awhile, as if a meditation.

3. Imagine doing this sensing and awaring all day long.

4. Now, begin to move the toes of your left foot back and forth,
rotating at your heel. Go slowly. Go so slowly that each time you
do this, and do it many times, you can feel and sense and learn something new about your nervous system and your bones and your feet.

5. Take a rest.

6. Now, move the heel of your left foot back and forth (to the left and to the right),
slowly, pivoting on the front part of your foot. Many times, slowly, pleasurably,

7. Take a rest and feel the differences, left to right, and before to now.

8. Come back, if you've forgotten, to being present.

9. Lie on your back, and put both feet "standing," which means the foot is on the floor and the knees are pointed toward the ceiling.

10. In this position, a number of times rotate the toes of the left foot to the right and left. Rest. Then rotate the heel of this same foot. Rest.

11. In the rests, come into a deeper meditation.

12. Bring both feet to standing again, and push up your pelvis into the air. Do this a number of times, more and more arching your back, and pushing out your belly.

13. Rest with awareness and pleasure.

14. Again, feet standing, pelvis up, and bring the toes of your left foot as if for running. Toes on the floor. Put your hands behind your head on the floor, and tilt your whole upper body toward the left, and then back to the middle. It is as if the ribs on your right get longer and the left elbow comes closer, staying on the floor, to your left hip.

15. Rest.

16. Do all of 14 again, and use that to get your left hand to your left heel. Once there, rotate slowly your left heel right and left. See if you can feel the toes pressing the floor most clearly between the big toe and the second toe.

17. Rest. Imagine other moves you could make. Imagine being aware of your ankles and which toes press into the ground as you walk forward today.

18. Get up to standing and go forth to a life of slowing and awaring and happying.


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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day Thirty-six: The Importance of Love

We can wonder how this life came to be our gift. We can appreciate the glory of other people. We can practice and perfect loving other people in all the strange and amazing, and often “annoying” ways they manifest. Good.

Other people are a gift to us, and sometimes we remember, sometimes not.

Oh, well.

If we are present, we might experience other people more as what they are: amazing and complicated creatures, almost all of whom want more love, appreciation and approval in their lives and almost all of whom forget that they are not the center of the Universe.

An easy way to remember this is to be present enough to our own feelings and emotions to realize when we imagine we are the center of the Universe, to realize when we are stuck in wanting more love, appreciation and approval from others.

This is good.

They are just like us.

Can we love them just as they are, by being so present that we see people as light and sound and spark and craziness and brilliance, and don’t have any words for what we see.

Just see them in the present.

Keep awaring our own breathing and arms and legs and spine and look and allow them doing whatever they are doing and however they are.

Doing the work, over and over: here is how I feel and live in question #3, when I believe they should be such and such a way.

And here ( in Question #4 land) is how I feel and live and realize when I don’t have any attachment to them being any different than exactly as they are.

And maybe in here some kind of leadership that isn’t demanding.

Maybe in here, some sort of playfulness that isn’t mean. Don’t be too good.

Enjoy anyone and everyone you encounter today. Don’t especially believe them. Don’t take yourself seriously, except the amazing serious/ not serious gift of awareness as the gift of life and the gift of knowing, now, now, now: yes, I am alive, and knowing this as experience of your experience right not.

Not as words.

Even these directions, words. Let them be merely an indicator, a pointer of a way to go and be.

Good: enjoy me, says God.

Enjoy me, says life.

Enjoy me, says the trouble and the good times.

Enjoy me.


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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day Thirty-Five: Alive, Waking While Talking

Sensing ourselves, arms and legs, even when talking. This is amazing, and can be done.

We are programmed over and over and over to put our attention “out there” when we are talking. And that attention has a huge amount to do with spending a lot of time “up here” in our heads, preparing our next batch of words.

Usually we are preparing our next batch of words while the other person is still talking.

We listen to but the first sentence, or maybe even less, of what another person says before we go “up here” into our heads, to find the right tape loop, the right prerecorded offering that we will send out as our next bit of talking.

So we only partially listen, and then go up into our heads for a batch of words for “our turn.” And these words are very often words we have said over and over and over.

True thinking requires that we become quiet inside, and at least search for a new way of seeing and communicating what we want to say. What we really want to say, not just spout out something.

So this is the game today:

One, when another person is speaking, be quiet inside and sense our arms and legs and spine and follow our breathing and listen to their words, and listen to their hearts and listen for their souls.

Two, when it’s our turn, slow down, say less, search for something real to say, something that isn’t some stored away tape loop we’ve said so many times.

Three, while talking and listening, to be sensing our feet and our relationship to gravity and sensing arms and legs and spine, and our physical shape in each moment. Walking is grea for this, because at each moment one of our feet is pressing into the Earth, and at each moment our shape is changing.

Can we be aware of that?

Aware when talking, aware when walking: a sweet day.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Day Thirty-three: Looking at a tree

Go look at a tree. Without the filter of demands and projected ideas about what a tree is feeling and thinking and judging about us, we can just hang out in love around a tree. If we slow down and give ourselves the time to experience this tree, and then open to listening to and finding the love inside this slowness.

Nature is a reminder of how easy love can be.

At times in my life, my holy trilogy has been: Now, Nature and Love, and I have woven words to the effect of helping us remember how similar these all are.

The tree and love. Go look at a beautiful tree, and give yourself enough time to really appreciate it.

Our first hint about love: if we don’t spent time with one another, if they are just a passing experience in the rush of our lives, how can we love? And going beyond the hint: spend enough time in nature today to find a tree, and give it some time and easy attention. Not just a rushed glance and then back to so called “thinking.” But real “quality time,” look at and really take in with love, attention, gratitude and wonder (and maybe even curiosity) the tree, or a whole bunch of trees.

As you give yourself time and permission to “hang out” with this tree, notice the following freedoms: we are free from caring what the tree thinks and feels and opines about us. We are free, in other words for those addictive behaviors we have around many of our fellow humans, free from caring, worry, striving for the usual: trying to get outside approval, love, affection, attention and so on. This would be ridiculous with a tree. And so, we are free to simply ( and this simplicity is huge), look at and maybe even SEE the tree.

AND we don’t have any requirements for the tree: it doesn’t have to be taller, or lose weight, or be wittier. It doesn’t have to like us more or laugh at our jokes. It doesn’t have to “understand” us, or “take our side.” It doesn’t have to give us anything.

It is just itself.

So here’s our ticket for loving the tree: we don’t want anything from the tree, we don’t demand anything from the tree, we are obsessed with the tree’s take on us. We judge not. We fear not the tree’s judgment.

We spent time with the tree in a state of non-wanting and nor-demanding. And we fall in love.

Nice hints.

Nice hints indeed, and don’t just nod in agreement, or frown in disagreement, but do go on outside and find a tree and give this a try.

And then the rest of the day, see, hear and experience as much of nature as fully as you can. See when the falling in love happens.

When it doesn’t.

Notice for yourself what seems to make the difference.

Enjoy the learning and don’t worry about “getting it right.”

(Your own body and breathing can be part of the ongoing exploration if you can’t get to “outside” nature today.)

Use as much slowness and awareness as possible.

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Friday, April 09, 2010

Day Thirty Four: Happy Feet, Happy Toes, Better Backs, Comig to Now, Wow!

We walk each day, many times pressing down into the floor and Earth with our feet, and this pushes goes through us all the way up our spine. We usually don’t notice this. We have five toes on each foot. We usually don’t notice this. Today is as good a time as any to begin more and sweeter and happier noticing of these things. And more.

Lie on your back, please on a firm but comfortable surface. A lawn, a wood floor with a carpet or blanket on it, or a very firm bed. Feel your back pressing down. Feel the Earth pressing back up. Feel each leg in the sensing way, sensing the bones and muscles and blood and everything of each leg, one leg at a time.

Then sense your arms, one arm at a time, from finger tips to shoulder blades.

Now sense your spine, along the floor, where does it touch, where does it lift up? Sense the top and bottom and back side and front side of your spine.

Sense your arms and legs and spine and see if your had your toes, as part of that. If not, add them in, and your head and ribs. Sense your whole self on the floor.


Just that much, if you stay present with it, can change your life if you do it a few times a day.

And let’s do more.

Please raise one knee toward the ceiling, so that one foot is as if “standing” on the floor, sole pressing down. Pick either your left leg if you are right handed, or right leg is you are left handed, unless one leg foot toes ankle are in some sort of pain. Then pick the un-pain leg and foot, or the less pain if both don’t feel so great.

Good. Now begin to press this standing foot into the floor, and use this push to raise your pelvis on that side, so it lifts and rotates. Go slow. Only have half the pelvis coming off the floor. The side of the pelvis on the straight on the floor leg side stays down.

Do this slowly, many times, push the foot down, feel the pelvis rotate, feet your back arch.

Many times, each time with a sensing of a different part of you: toes, ankle, knee, hip joint, pelvis, spine, ribs, neck, head, arms. Feel different parts and all of you at the same time if you can.

After many times, say twenty to thirty, take a rest, let your leg down and feel the difference side to side. Rest long enough so that you feel your body and brain integrating what you learned, then raise your same foot to standing.

Throughout this lesson, if will always be this foot. At the end, you can get up and walk around, and feel some big differences and ten or twenty minutes later come back and do all this on the other side. Or right before you go to sleep is a great time to review and redo this lesson on the other side.

So stand the same foot again, and press again, first three times so the your knee falls in toward the middle as you press, and three times so that your knee head out over your foot as you press. Go back and forth three times each way, and sense how this is very different in your hip joint and in your toes.

Rest again and integrate.

Now, stand the same foot again, and from now on in the lesson, press your foot so that the knee is heading toward over the standing foot. Begin to press, and as you press, raise one side of your pelvis, rotate, arch your back, and push your belly out.

Really notice your belly going out on the pushing and arching phase of this movement. And now practice sometimes breathing in as your belly goes out, and sometimes breathing out. Feel the difference. Enjoy both ways.

Rest and integrate.

Always find pleasure and learning in each movement.

Standing your foot again, and press a number of times, knee toward over the standing foot, and belly out, and add this on: for three times, as you press, start the press as you have been all along, in your heel but now for three times, as the back arches and the knee moves a bit down toward the foot, push through the big toe of that foot. Three times. And then three times through the next toe, the index toe. And then three times through the middle toe. Then three times the ring toe. And three times the little toe.

Rest and integrate.

Stand the foot again. Always move slowly, with learning and enjoyment, and finding out about all parts of yourself, not just the toe that is pushing, say. Now, go through the previous movement, but the other way: 3 times the little toe, and so on working your way back to the big toe and sensing ribs and spine and breathing and pelvis as you press through your heel and then the selected toe.

Rest. Enjoy. Breathe. Feel yourself on the floor. Feel differences side to side. Feel differences in your general state from the beginning of this short lesson.

Roll to your side and get up and walk a bit, feeling the lopsidedness and the learning and the amazing results from going slow, from being present, from giving yourself the present of learning.


Enjoy your day, sense your toes a lot, and sometime during the day, go through this game on the other side.

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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Day Thirty-Two: Going for Real Emotional Peace and Freedom

We have had various experiences, and usually have ourselves locked into a narrow box, our interpretation of that experience. What if we began to uses our imaginations to stretch our heart and feeling and understanding of these events? Could that lead to an amazing inner peace?

Take some event in your life that was a “little bit” on the “bad” side. Not a major trouble area, but something that you have in the category of Not So Great. Or maybe Sort of Awful.

For that event write a very, very short 3 to 5 sentence rundown of what happened in this Not So Great event.

Then look at your sentences and feel what you usually feel. Write down your overall impression of that event.

Now, look at these sentences and give yourself another way of perceiving this than what you have sentenced yourself to all along.

Look at this event as interesting. Look at it as tragic. Look at it as amusing. Look at it as wonderful. Look at it as awful. Look at it is funny. Look at it as a big mistake. Look at it as a Gift. Look at it as a setback. Look at it as a great stimulus.

Obviously, different viewpoints will be a hard fit, and so what, this is to stretch us. Change means change means change.

If we always perceive things as we always perceived this, we are stuck. High functioning robot. Low functioning robot. Somewhere in between. But not free. Not awake. Not fully alive.

Anyway, look at the “sort of bad” event in many ways, and then come back to your body and your breathing and sensing yourself, and try to, play with this: look at the event just as What Is. Or What Was. Just as an event, without any up down or sideways take on it. Just pure experience.

And then take a little rest. Walk. Breathe. Smile. Drink some water.

Okay, now take an event that was “Sort of Good.” And run it through all the possibilities.

Then look at this event without any interpretation.

Rest between sections. Maybe walk. Maybe re-do one of the awareness and movement games we’ve done so far in this book.

Next: take a “Medium Bad” episode and run it through the options. Be sure to include, this was a Curse. And this was a Blessing. Then look at this event without any interpretation.

Rest, walk, move, draw, garden.

Back: Take a “Medium Good” time, and see it as Grand, as Awful, as Liberating, as Stifling, and as all the above possibilities and more you can think of. Then look at this event without any interpretation.

Rest. And if you are ready, take a “Really Bad” event, and let it go through your mind as Awful, and a Curse, and Wonderful and a Blessing. As the Worst thing that ever happened to you. And as the Best thing that ever happened to you. As tragedy. As comedy. As crippling. As liberating. As punishment. As gift.

Then look at this event without any interpretation. Make breathing and knowing your are breathing and sensing and being present the highest priority, from which you can scan back as see this event as just pure “happening.”

And now, after another rest, go about your day looking at everything as either something you can interpret one two three or more ways, and as something you can just experience without interpretation.

Judge not that ye not be judged. Somehow this fits in here. See if you can grasp this in a deep and nonverbal way.


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Monday, April 05, 2010

For the Glory of God and our own Delight, Day Thirty One

For love of God and my own amusement. This is the phrase that comes to me now, and perhaps this would be a sweet way to consider our day.

Bach, supposedly, when asked why he had 22 kids, or whatever it was, and wrote a thousand works of music, or whatever it was, and his answer was:

"For my own amusement and the Glory of God."

What would the day be like today
and tomorrow
to see if both these
could be part and parcel
(whatever that means)
of the great game of life.

Sometimes I see the two aims of being present
and being of good cheer sufficient
to keep my life at a very sweet
and fine level.

And the Glory of God
has a slightly different ring to it
than being present,
though in the present the glory
of being alive
certainly shines through.

This is your game today,
just be delighted with whatever and all that
you do,
and find some deeper glory
to it.


This is your discovery.

Dig in.

Wake up.

Slow down, less effort, more attention.


All for you, all for God.

For the glory of God
your own amusement.

See where that goes!!!


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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Day Thirty: Waking to the Life we are living each moment

To be reborn, this is our birthright, as any moment when we wake back to the realization: I am alive, right now. This is my life.

To be alive—this is true. And we forget. Luckily, in every moment, including is famous one and only one right now, we can wake up to this miracle—I am alive, right now.

We can remember our breathing. Ah, yes, a good sign that we are alive, this breathing thing. We can remember our breathing and sense the breath coming in and out, the shifts in our ribs and lungs and back and sides and diaphragm area. We can notice something more profound: the shift in our sense of who and how we are, when we return home to following our breathing.

Knowing we are alive as a felt experience. Not just, “Oh, yes I am breathing.” Not just noticing the breath come in and out and sensing how our bodies are going about that. But sensing at an awareness level, how something like “Who we really are” wakes up when we bring our attention to the felt and experienced NOW.

Shift happens when we wake up to now.

This can be another set of words, another set of rules, or it can be an experience we find delightful, and uplifting, and calming all at the same time.

This might be our central “job” in life, for without being present, we are condemned to always re-acting (over and over, re and re and re acting) in the ways we’ve been programmed and taught ourselves to act.

And with awareness, we can take that little step back, that little awareness induced pause, and in that pause we can notice: now my urge is to be angry, or now I am tensing myself as I type, or now I am rushing with my food and not really tasting each bite, or now I am not listening when someone is talking but am busy preparing my next little speech.

But from the wakefulness of now, we can feel these tendencies, and in that space and time that the pause and our awareness give us, we can decide: do I really want to express my anger now? Wouldn’t the food taste better and my health feel happier if I tasted each bite? What would it be like to actually listen to this person for who they are, and not as the lead in to what important me, me, me has to say next?

This is life. A happy choice: to wake up to now.

From this wakefulness, certain Christian concepts, like praying ceaselessly, or loving your enemy, become not a tough burden, but a delightful route to being Fully Alive.

We can be what we’ve been programmed to be, or we can wake to the moment and act from what we really see and hear and notice is going on. This is huge. This is delightful.

This can be our “game” today, and is it a game or a necessity to remember we are alive in all situations, and to look out on all the others in our life and remember: they are alive?

Maybe both.

You decide, and not in words, but in your hearts while you experience yourself treating yourself as you treat yourself when you are present and you experience yourself treating other people as you are present. Experience the difference. Learning is noticing differences. Go ahead and learn. This is everything.

And if God is beyond words and concepts and limitations, what would loving God be like from the present? Maybe very different than that we’ve been programmed to believe. The discovery is yours. The experience is yours.

And start small. One breath at a time. What is the experience of coming home to yourself in the moment. Taste it, savor it, learn from it, live from it.


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Friday, April 02, 2010

Day Twenty-Nine: What to Leave Behind: Part of "me" or all of "me"

Any change means a small or large death. Any deep change can almost feel like a death to the “me” personality behind which we hide, sometimes from others, sometimes from life, always from our really self.

Inside us is a beautiful and real part. Call it your Self, call it the innocent one, call it our awareness, call it God, or the Child of God. It is without a name.

Names are what we call each other, in both senses of that phrase. But who we all are is deeper and quieter than all that.

And sometimes the world gets too heavy with us, and we suffer and to leave that suffering behind seems like the hardest thing in the world.

Strange, because it would seem that suffering is what we would most prefer to give up. Sure, if we could give it up and stay just the same. If we could give it up, and not, as Jesus asked the rich man, “give up our possessions.” In this case, the possessions are our fixed ideas and almost always the bitter and killing us conviction that we are Right.

We are Right, and until the world shapes up, we are going to keep being Right, and even if that causes immense suffering, we’d rather be right than happy. Often. Not always.

And when we let go of that “right-ness” that “so and so done me wrong” it is like a little death.

And on the other side of that death: resurrection into love.

First we are angry/ hurt/ resentful/ bitter because “so and so did us wrong.” Maybe we do the work of Byron Katie, and see, notice, feel, understand the difference at question #3: Who are we and how do we feel and live and react when we attach to the thought that “so and so done me wrong”

That questions makes life one way. Questions #4: Who would we be without the story that “so and so done me wrong”? creates a whole new person.

Or rather liberates that real shining clear happy and loving self that is our Self.

But on the way, it can feel like a death to let go of the attachment to our belief. Death, death, death, scary, scary, scary and then we do it, and the old crusty worthless judge dies away, and we are reborn.

So today, die before you die, as many times as you can and be reborn each time closer and closer to who you really are.


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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Second Time Around, 108 days, last to first, ending Feb 24, 2010; starting November 1, 2009

920. feb 24: day 108: this is a beginning

919. feb 23, day 107, this is my life, 2

918. feb 22 day 106 up and down and five lines, the easy and not so easy

917. feb 20. day 105: sitting and side bending

916. feb 17, day 104: slowing down

915. feb 15: day 103, emotions as actions, so let's move toward free

914, feb 14: happy Valentines, day 102: Write Yourself a Love Letter, both hands write, go slow, love and learn

913. feb 12, day 101: ten fingers, ten toes, belly, eyes, ears, nose

912. feb 10, day 100: a review of sorts

911. feb 9, day 99: having a good time discovering the new in the now

910. feb 8, 98: la, la, la: past over rover, oh well, oh great

909. feb 7: 97, heaven: lying on our backs, learning

908. feb 6 , day 96 rotation for fun, joy, meditation, learning, "relaxation," and upgrading of awareness, ease and "energy

907. feb 5: day 95: 3 kinds of business, Byron Katie shortcut

906. feb 4: day 94: making hell for ourselves by believing the story, q 3 of the work

905. feb 3, day 93, round and arch + smile as breathe out

904. feb 2, day 92: But I don't want to forgive. Ah, to be human and stuck, welcome to the Life on Earth show

903. Feb 1, day 91: Go inside, let it go, and find real Peace


902. jan 30: day 90: Go outside, and see what now tastes like there

901. jan 29: 89< doing fine, breathing two ways and the joy of a spine and a sense of humor

900. jan 28: day 88, heaven's gate = ???

899. jan 27, day 87: hard but, what the heck, waking up is amazing

898. jan 26, day 86, movement around the axis, playing in rotation

897. jan 25, day 85, the pause that wakes us up

896. Jan 24, day 84, what's amazing in your life?

895. January 23, day 83: tongues to the nowing

894. jan 22: day 82: arching and rounding in sitting

893. jan 21, day 81: what we like as a clue to what we are like

892. jan 20: the glory and necessity of now

891. jan 19, day 79:listening in new ways, part 1

890. jan 18:day 78: hopping in two ways, thinking and moving, yes

889. jan 17, day 77: other people are (surprise!) what they are

888. jan 16, day 76: reality through two lens

887. jan 15: day 75: what is reality and other "little" q's

886. jan 14: day 74: what's more, round and arch

885. jan 13, day 73: breathing our way to now

884. jan 12: day 72, what to do: waking to others while talking

883. jan 11: day 71son of a gun, or: awake while yakking

882, jan 10, of what, plenty?

881, jan 9, day 69: what to leave behind

880. jan 8, day 68: breathing out, two ways

879. jan 7, day 67: to heaven, one (remembered) breath at a time

878. jan 6, day 66: pick up sticks, flexing our spines, touching the ground, the wall

877. jan 5, day 65: alive

876. Jan 4, day 64: There's always more, but what...?

875. Jan 3, day 63: Looking at a tree, part 2

874. January 2, 2010: day 62: leaning, rising, being in now not thought

873. dec 31: day 61: what we want vs. who we really are

872. dec 30: day 60: silence is a/ the path

871. dec 29: day 59 : other people and staying awake

870. dec 28: day 58: down on the ground and learning

869. dec 27: liking what 'it' doesn't like

868. dec 27: day 57: Up from down, gravity movement learning and fun

867. dec 26: Day 56: Up and down, for learning and fun

866. dec 25: Christmas songs and two grand hints: silence, nature

865. dec 25, Christmas, day 55 being alive, fully alive

864. dec 24, day 54: nice vs kind, kin and being present

863. Dec 23: day 53: arch and round and breathe in sitting

862. Dec 22: day 52: Wake up to Who we Really Are

861. Dec 21: day 51: What's new under the sun?

860. Dec 20: Day 50: Other people, can we listen deeper?

859. Dec 19: Day 49: More spine, sitting and standing, plop, plopping

858. dec 18, day 48: five lines all day, hmmm, hard and amazing

857. dec 17, day 47< do not let the sun set on....huh??? #2

856. dec 16: day 46: be angry but do not sin, huh??

855. dec 15, day 45: alive and moving on side, spine and pelvis again

854. dec 14: day 44: moving spine and pelvis, lying on the side

853. dec 13, day 43, 20 nice things about an "enemy"

852. dec 12 day 42: What to do: Pause, wait, see, yes

851. Dec 11: Day 41: It's done, it's us, good news: the turn around

850. Dec 10: Day 40: the end of suffering, who are we without the story?

849. Dec. 9: q #3, consequences of attaching to the thought

848. Dec. 8: 38: question 2: Can you Absolutely know this thought is true?

847. Dec 7: 37: on way to Heaven, the Byron Katie boat, part 1

846. Dec. 6: Right now and rotation around ourselves: fun and exploring and NOW

845. Dec. 5: day thirty-five: Now is around and waiting, where are we?

844, Dec 4: Day Thirty-four: Happy, unhappy: watching

843. Dec. 3: Day Thirty Three, really seeing a tree, = love

842. Dec 2: Twisting in Sitting, fun

841. Dec. 1: Day Thirty-One: Talking and Staying Present, 2


840. Nov. 30: Day Thirty:Down and Dirty, or not, the being present present present thing

839. Nov. 29: Day Twenty-Nine: Don't take it Personally

838. Nov. 28:Day Twenty-Eight, Standing up straight via spine furling and unfurling

837. Nov 27: Day Twenty-Seven: One Way to Heaven, Slow Down

836. Nov. 26 Day Twenty-six: Gratitude as a fun game, rather than a being good duty

835. Nov. 25 Day Twenty-five:
What if we didn't "Have to...."

834: Nov. 24: Day Twenty-four:Moving with Attention

833. Nov. 23: Day Twenty-three: Sensing our Five Lines

832. Nov 22: Day Twenty-two: Be of Good Cheer

831. Nov 21: Day Twenty-One: First time through, Awake while Talking

830. Nov. 20: Day Twenty: This is my Life, 2

829. Nov. 19:Day Nineteen: Sensing arms and legs AND spine

828. Now 18: Day Eighteen: Waking in Moving

827. Nov.17, Day Seventeen: Emotional freedom, sensing without the words

826. Nov. 16: Day Sixteen: Sweet Sixteen, sweet and bitter straws of life

825. Day 15: Day Fifteen: Take a Nap

824. Nov 14: Day Fourteen: Neck and spine and Pelvis: Or, the Neck starts in the Ass

823. Nov. 13: Day Thirteen: Rotation around our axis, more

822. Nov. 12 Day Twelve: Coming to Ease via Aware Moving/ Learning / Waking UP

821.Nov. 11, Kingdom of Heaven, 2

820.Nov. 10: ACTURE and the real world

819. Nov. 9: Loving our Spine

818. Nov. 8: Standing up Straight

817. Nov 7, Kingdom of Heaven

816. Nov. 6 This is my Life

815. Nov. 5, Being Alive, Sensing Arms and Legs

814. Nov. 4, What if God were around?

813. Nov. 3: Day Three: Emotional Choosing, ? Maybe

812. Nov 2: Day Two: Breathing plus legs, to wake up

811. Nov. 1 Sensing our Legs to Wake to Now

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