Monday, December 31, 2007

Goo bye "2007"

sunset 2007
sun almost gone, "year" almost gone

end day

the darkness comes
the darkness goes

the sun goes down
the sun rises

sometimes the sun is behind clouds

sometimes the sun is behind the earth
so called night

sometimes the so called calendar changes
and one "year"
hops skips jumps
into the next

and so
have a sweet party

even if it's just
the best

you and
your heart
and God

and a little bit
of Now
to create the
from one
to the Other

essay over in taichihealthweightloss blog today:

How to lose weight and stop waiting for...

essay over in wakeup-feldenkrais blog:
A year of sweetness a year of...

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Index fo 2004, 2005,2007


508. Dec. 31: goo bye to "2007" a so-called "year"

507. Dec. 30: waking up hungry

506. Dec. 29: I would love for you to come join...

505. Dec. 28:Meaning of Life in Three Layers

504. Dec. 27: Soon to be Dead: 2007

503. Dec. 26: Thank you for eyes and smile and sounds, of you, in life Parenting, wed

502. Dec. 25: christmas awake, christmas asleep, the best game

501. Dec. 24: an easy way to be a jerk

500.Dec. 23: Such Love, Hafiz poem, posting 500

499. Dec. 22: Solstice of Sorts

498. Dec. 20: Happy Thursday and slowing down

497. Dec. 19: Christmas is coming, Jesus, parenting, worried geese, the whole shebang, not really the whole shebang, mainly parenting

496. Dec. 18: 6 awareness days left until Christmas

495. Dec. 17: Yoga of discovery, warriors one, two and three as expansion and contraction: Fun

494. Dec. 16. Sufia Yoga: Learning vs. Staying the Same

493. Dec. 15: life on earth: cold day, warm invention, Nuga Yoga, yippie

492. Dec. 14: Great Book, 8 reasons to slow down

491. Dec. 13: the game of love, and so on

490. Dec. 12: parenting wednesday

489. Dec. 11: Listening to Now

488. Dec. 10: Our Lady of Guadalupe, plus anti-aging, brain access yoga tip

487. Dec. 8: Loving vs. the Rush

486. Dec. 6: Staying awake in the holi-daze

485. Dec. 5: Parenting, Dreams, Invitation to Joy and Improvement

484. Dec. 4: Fridays Nights, Wake Up to Now, and Healing the Earth

483. Dec. 3: Monday Yoga and Discovery

482. Dec. 2: "Til Death do Us part

481. Dec. 1: Come Inside, Waking to the Real Self


480. Nov. 30: NaNoWriMo over, whew!

479. Nov. 29: Love in Minor Key

478. Nov. 28: Serenity and Parenting

477. Nov. 27: listening as love

476. Nov. 26: Mon Yoga Under-standing: pelvis and head

475. Nov. 25: the game of love

474. Nov. 24: warm and cold, inside and out, question of the day

473, Nov. 23: night and day, cold night, good

472. Nov. 22: rhanks giving

471. Nov. 21: Playing and Stupor

470. Nov. 20: blue skies after frost

469. Nov. 19: See Lars and the real Girl

468, Nov. 19: Monday Yoga, sufi yoga

467. Nov. 18: Laughing Baby link

466. Nov. 17: Enough Indoors, NaNoWriMo

465. Nov. 16: a snarl watcher's guide to Love

464. Nov. 15: here n now

463. Nov. 14: Parenting, sheep or love

462. Nov. 13: Pleasure, Ease, Learning, and Gentle Possibilities of Change

461. Nov. 12: Yoga for Monday: Reverse Triko

460. Nov. 11: Sunday, To Do, To Be

459. Nov. 10: Wet Saturday, and it's always...

458. Nov. 9: Too many words

457. Nov. 8: Almost Surprise, How be become More of Who We are

456. Nov. 7: Play is one of the Gods

455. Nov. 6: (Sometimes not very) Awake n' Ready

454. Nov. 5: Monday Yoga: balance and the two foot thing: some discovery fun

453. Nov. 4: Into the Wild: good movie, dumb kid: couldn't read the grasses and ferns. died

452. Nov. 3: NaNoWriMo continues, Marlie has a b-day, nature has a beautiful day

451. Nov. 2: Friday to me, Friday to you

450. November 1: Day of the Dead


449. Oct. 31 Hallow Ween and Parenting

448. Oct. 30 National November Writing Month, coming soon

447. Oct. 29: Mon. Yoga, Standing on One Leg, #1

446. Oct. 28: Sunday, fall as spring, blue sky and walnuts call

445. Oct. 27: raw milk and dogwoood picture

444. Oct. 26: God, she giggles, sometimes

443. Oct. 25: Short Poems of Earth, fire, frog

442. Oct. 24: parenting: love and giants

441. Oct. 23: Just life, on lawn and near...

440. Oct. 22: Monday Yoga, Mountain Pose, Tadasana

439. Oct. 20. Watershed Walk, circles, life, water

438. Oct. 19: Big Picture: The Sweetness of Now

437. Oct. 18: Big 3, Law of Seven

436. Oct. 17: Wednesday Parenting Post: What is our job as Parents?

435. Oct. 16: Walking and Living, both Good

434. Oct. 15: Yoga for a Monday: Vira 2

433. Oct. 14: The Unknown World

432. Oct. 13: The Known World

431. Oct. 12: The Big Picture: Walking and Being Human

430. Oct. 11: Waking Up and Feldenkrais

429. Oct. 10: Wednesday and Parenting, #1

428. Oct. 9: Purpose of Life (was, Wild stuff on other blogs

427. Oct. 8: Monday Yoga, the most basic one: Cat and Cow Link

426. Oct. 7: Choices, and Wonder

425. Oct. 6: I don't know: Honest and Useful, often

424. Oct 5: Big PictureP: We live, we move; Sweeter movement = sweeter life

423, Oct 4: Waking Up, Rembering Ourselves, and other useful possibilities: Gurdjieff and others

422. Oct 3: The Meaning of Life, #43

421. Oct 2: Really, this could change/save/transform your life or that of a friend, child or neighbor

420. Oct 1: Version the New for the Anat Baniel Method


419, Sept. 30: Eating too much, excuses, blah, blah, and fun: Brendan visiting

418. Sept. 28: Too much force

417. Sept. 27: This is "hard." Is that true?

416. Sept. 26: Buy local, think global

415. Sept. 25: Ramadan, and theories about "Arabs"

414. Sept. 24: Panic, Email not working, How about my mind???

413. Sept. 23: Three Pages a Day, or For Whom do we really give advice???

412. Sept. 22: Happy Rain, Happy Equinox, Happy Saturday

411. Sept. 21: Available for Public Speaking, Various Topics

410. Sept. 20: Rain, Sun, Shifts and Dried Fruit and lost bets

409. Sept. 19: Skinny Wednesday

408. Sept. 18: Fat, and changing, Tuesday

407. Sept. 17: First Day, Last Day, say Hey

406. Sept. 16: Awake or Asleep

405. Sept. 15: Water, Ease, Summer almost Gone

404. Sept. 14: Slow Food

403. Sept. 13: Learning by Copying or Learning by Learning

402. Sept. 12: Empty Stomach, Curious Mind

401. Sept. 11: Nine Eleven, Rainbows, Hell, or Heaven for EArth

400. Sept. 10: Hunger, Irritability, Peace

399. Sept. 9: god is fog, god is sun

398. Sept. 8: God is waiting

397. Sept. 2: Loving Your Enemy

396. September 1: Leaving Sonoma, 1


395. Aug. 28: Good Morning, Sun

394. Aug. 24: The Day and our Awakening

393. Aug. 21: 21 Wonderful Possibilities

392. Aug. 19: Happiness Now, 2

391. Aug. 18: Happiness Now

390. Aug. 16: Spiritual Yoga, Seven Paths to Heaven

389. Aug. 14: Sleeping Life, and the Divine Within, Waiting, Waiting. Ah

388. Aug. 13: Another Take on DNA Yoga. Tranformation, Spiritual, Earth Connecting

387. Aug. 12: Benefits of this work, and Who Can Benefit, partial lists.

386. Aug. 9: Present and Clear Mind. A nice present for us, just waiting to be....

385. Aug. 8: Life is Now. Easy, Sweet, Divine

384. Aug. 7: Coming soon: DNA Yoga.

383. Aug. 5 The shift

382. Aug 4: Home Again,
Home Again, Was I ever not at HOME?

381. Aug. 1: Loving God

JULY 2007

380. July 31: Common to the work of Byron Katie, and The Feldenkrais method.

379. July 29: Spunky group leaves Ananda

378, July 26: What's missing in yoga therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, and so on

377. July 24: Not Eating Dinner. Truth in it's various guises

376. July 22: Nothing to Say. Is that true? Thoughts about Reality

375. July 21: What is Yoga?

374. July 20: What is Ananda Yoga???

373. July 19: Is Yoga a Religion?

372, July 18: Rain, rainbows, yoga, miracles of life as normal life, and whatnot

371. July 17: the river

370. July 16: The Energy of Asana, Headstand and Side Angle Pose

369. July 15: If we want to be happy

368. July 14:
BEyond Strength and Flexibility, the challenge to live

367, July 13: ahimsa

366. July 12:
Awakened Beings and Whatnot

365. July 12:
Satosha, Contentment, a sweet way to keep that one going

364. July 10:
What can happen in the blink of an eye

363. July 9:
One way of looking at yoga

362, July 8: Life on a Sunday in Ananda. Small piece of that life.

361. July 7:
What are the sweetnesses in Life? And why?

360. July 6:
Bananasana and the deliciousnous of Life

359. July 5:
Affirmations and Possibilies

358. July 4:
The Work of Byron Katie

357. July 3: Thoughts on 'God'

356. July 3: I'm here

355. July 1:
Summer Learning

JUNE, 2007

354. June 29: Wonderful Relationship, part 12

353. June 28: Whole Foods? Big deal.

352. June 19: Exercise that uses new ways, and fun, big time

351. June 12: Two Great not just for Children Books

350. June 8: Why Drive?

349. June 6: Story Starts, for adults or kids????

MAY, 2007

348. May 30: Waking Up Twice in the Morning

347. May 25: Talk at Pharmaca coming up

346. May 17: Car Free Day, Bike Day, Habit Undoing Day

345. May 14: Now is the beginning

344. May 6: All is Good, Hot Day, and so on

343. May 1: May Day, many Ways, all good

April, 2007

342. April 23: Open Your Door and Kiss Nature Deficit Disorder Goodbye

341. April 16: Earth Day, and the Possibilities of Being Now: Always available.

340. April 12: Cirrus and Fairness

339. April 9: Of course, there is more...

338. April 8: Easter, Rebirth, Many Chances

337. April 7: Rumi and the Whirling Dervish in us All

336. April 5: Happiness and Patience

335. April 3: Looking for those wanting to Gain the Ease of 20 years ago or more, or Lose Weight, or Experience Miracles

334. April 2: Steps toward a Wonderful Relationship

March, 2007

333. march 24: Slow + Aware + Gentle + Playful = We Can Learn Anything

332. March 16: Knowing and Learning and how we deprive ourselves by being too full.

331. March 13: A "Simple" Meditation for Ease and Smarts and Transformation.

330. March 8: The Glories of Life and Being You

329. March 5: March Email in Color

328. March 4: Sunday: A Good Day of Rest

327. March 1, 2007: Department of Peace: The Impossible Beacons

February, 2007

326. February 24: For love of Life, for Love of Now: Wow!

325. February 23: the Meaning of Life and other thoughts

324. February 20: Today: Sometimes Love, Sometimes Not

323. February 17: Pink Haird Boy Explains Grafting

322. February 14: Valentine's Special: Love Self, Earth, Others

321. February 11: Glorious Day, say Hey, say Ho, say Wow, be Now

320. February 8: Slow Food, Slow Sonoma, Now is Wow

319. February 7: The Work of Byron Katie and the work of Moshe Feldenkrais

318. Feb. 4: The Purpoise of Life

317. February 1: The Local Hospital and the Problems of Scapegoating

January, 2007

316, Jan. 29: Brain Food and the Waking of Unavowed Dreams

315. Jan. 26: Practicing, and late night crybabyism

314. Jan. 23: Holy Trinity: Now, Nature and Love.

313. Jan. 20: Human Learning, One of the Wonders of the Universe.

312. Jan. 17: Love your Weeds. Connect to Nature. Permaculture

311. Jan. 14: 13 Ways of Seeing the World: Inspired by Joel Kramer

310. Jan. 11: Waking in the Middle of the Night

309. Jan. 8: Happiness and Separating Words and Sensation

308. Jan. 5: Happiness and doing the Work

307. Jan. 1: A Happy and Amazing New Year for us All. Yes. Plus: resolutions.

December 2006

306. Dec. 29: The Wonder of Life and Nice Picture of a Forest Mushroom on Christmas day

305. Dec. 27: Making Resolutions, One Year Later. So far, so good.

304. Dec. 23: Some good advice from me to me (and you)

303. Dec. 20: The Importance of a Smile

302. Dec. 17: The Real World as Medicine and Solace

301. Dec. 14: Miracle and Change all around us, and We Forget

300. Dec.11: Mine Eyes Have Seen the Distance, and it is Good

299. Dec. 8: The Miracle of it All

298. Dec. 6: Nailed, or: Eating my own Medicine

297. Dec. 1: Technical Difficulties

November 2006

296. Nov. 28: The Importance of Now

295. Nov. 23: Thanks

294. Nov. 19: Conversation with Gub, 7

293. Nov. 18: Today

292. Nov. 16: The Importance of Bones

291. Nov. 15: The Importance of Love

290. Nov. 9: Keep Sonoma a Small Town

289. Nov. 8: Earth, Breath, Smile

288. Nov. 6: Now

287. Nov. 4: Undo Deficits, Enhance Excellence, Waking Up to the Now::::Wow

286. Nov. 3: Haapy Birthday, Marlie

285. Oct. 29: Conversations with Gub, #6

284. Oct 26: Conversations with Gub, 5

283. Oct 22: Conversations with Gub, 4

282. Oct 18: Conversation with Gub, 3

281. Oct 17: Conversations with Gub, 2

280.Oct 16: Conversations with Gub, 1

279. Oct 12: Earth, Breath, Love Meditation

278. Oct 7: Now

277. Sept 20: The Big Rush

276. Sept 18: Happiness Now??

275. Sept 16: What's Good

274. Sept 11: Thoughts on September 11

273. Sept 10: Feeling Bad, is Good: with Awareness

272. Sept 9: Life on Earth

271. Sept. 5: Options and Freedom

270. Sept. 2: Feeling Bad.. Is it allowed to be Happy as Well?

269: Aug. 31: Present Moment, Beautiful Moment

268. Aug 26: Addictions vs. Possibilities

267. Aug 25: Don't be too Good: Riding a Bike

266. Aug 25: Don't Be Too Good

265, Aug 24: Awake or Robot? Examples

264, Aug 22: Fear of Change, Joy of Change, Feldenkrais

263. Aug. 21: Slowing and Breathing

262. Aug. 18: The Importance of Happiness

261. Aug 17: Radically Improve, or Just Get By?

260. Aug. 16: Purpose in Life

259. Aug 15: 3, and more, ways of Feeling Good

258. Aug 14: Three Ways of Feeling Bad

257. Aug 12: Re-inventing ourselves

256. Aug. 11: Who was Moshe Feldenkrais?

255. Aug. 10: Nature and the curse of Indoor-itis

254. Aug 9: Slowing and Nowing

253 .Aug 8: Getting Away with Murder (using "problems" as a tool to stay stuck)

252. Aug. 7: What is the Feldenkrais Method® ?

251. Aug.5: Who am I? and so on...

250. Aug 3: Feeling good, feeling what ?

249. Aug 2: Our deep human need to connect to the Earth

248. August 1: I'll be Happy when....

JULY 2006
247. July 31: An easier, softer and smarter neck/you

246. July 29: Breathe in, Breathe out

245. July 28: Awareness and the ongoing sleep and the Feldenkrais possibility

244. July 27: The Advantages to having a Grumpy Mom

243. July 26: Happiness even inside Unhappiness

242. July 25: 5 questions leading us closer to ourselves

241. July 24: Feldie fun, learning and rotation.

240. July 23: It's Hot: Choices: complain, accept, enjoy

239. July 23: Quickie

238. July 22: What is real? Hmmm, this could be interesting.

237, July 21: Happiness and sin and Now

236. July 20: Helping the Earth

235/ July 19: The Importance of Love

234/ July 18: A Way Inconvenient Truth

233/ July 17: It's a mess, and still, might as well be happy

232/ July 16: Two inconvenient truths: an opportunity to be more alive

231/ July 15: Thumb on the Earth, the Earth is good, Feldenkrais is fantastic

230. July 14: Happiness Now, Heresey, but what the heck

229. July 13: Feeling Bad, and the way out

228. July 12: Babies and Balance, and Learning as the Cool Thing in Life

227. July 11: Whole Self Healing, 4 Modalities

226. July 10: Happiness Now

225. July 8: It's okay, or what to ask when you feel bad.

224. July 6: Barking Dogs

223. July 6: Sun and Sensing

222, July 5: A few principles

221. July 3: Independence and so on.

220. July 2: What is the Feldenkrais Method?

219. July 1: The Delight of Being You

JUNE 2006
218. June 30: Walking Better

217. June 29: Pilates, test drive

216, June 28: Change, scary and wonderful

215. June 27: Wake up and lose World War III

214. June 26: More advice for Real Health

213, June 24: Advice to Someone with Cancer

212, June 23: 3 Choices: Low Functioning Robt, High Functioning Robot, or Awake Human

211. June 22: Learning by Discovery

210. June 21: A Full, Rich and Wonderful Life

209. June 18: The Past is Over

208. June 17: Wow, the Power of Now

207, June 16: Why not today?

206. June 14: Movement: Power Belly

205. June 13: Wake up and love, Conscious Talking

204. June 12: Wake up and live

203. June 11: Wake up, be happy, take a walk

202. June 8: Movement lesson: A movement medley for starting and closing the day

201. June 7: A unified approach to improvement

200. June 6. Learn

199. June 5: Wake Up

198. June 4: Movement lesson: Folding forward from on the back

197. June 3: Movement lesson: Standing rotation: fun and useful movement

196. June 2: Bee Sting, Bad Mood Transformed, Conscious Speaking as Sweetness

195, June 1: Movement lesson: Seated, rotation around our vertical

MAY 2006
194. May 31: Movement lesson: Rotation, pelvis, head and tongue.

193. May 31, How to Use this Book

192. May 30, Gwan Outside

191. May 29, Four levels of the work

190. May 29: Memorial Day, All Hail the Ongoing Trance

189. May 28: Moving is Life

188. May 27: Waking Up is Fun

187. May 26: Food and awareness

186. May 25: Learning vs. Diagnosis

185. May 24: The Ongoing Trance

184. May 23: Byron Katie again

183. May 22: Paths to Waking

182. May 22: Three Choices

181. May 20: Three brains, or Carriage, Horse and Drunk Driver

180. May 19: Explore, connect, play: life needs, Feldenkrais pillars

179. May 18: The Present

178. May 17; The Work of Byron Katie

177. May 16: What gives when we chose unhappiness?

176. May 15: Time to Move

175. May 14: Who's Doing This?

174. May 13: The Pieces of Unhappiness

173. May 13: Tried and False

172, May 12: Happiness as Choice

171. May 11: A mini-lesson, a vacation

170. May 10: Sex and the City

169. May 9: Feldenkrais work as Science and Judo

168, May 8: Movement is Life, Waking up

167. May 6: How to Give Yourself Hay Fever

166. May 6: Clarity in Emotion, Happiness

165. May 5: Clarity in Sensation

164, May 4: Clarity in Thinking, Three Kinds of Business

163, May 3: The Book of Life

162, May 2: This Present Moment

APRIL 2006
161. April 29: Being Human and Free

160. April 28: The Way Out

159. April 27: How People Heal

158. April 26: Health tips

157. April 25: Discrimination in a Good Sense

156. April 23: One reason I was a good Dad

155. April 22: Good stuff with a Fine Young Lad

154. April 21: Improvement is Possible, Free Sessions with kids with neurological issues

153. April 20: Do Yourself a Favor

152. April 19: Want what you want

151. April 18: Give what you want to receive

150. April 17: What to do when someone is annoying

149, April 15: Rest and Mistakes: Good

148. April 14: Get Smarter

147. April 13: Happy b-day, and the Day the Waters were changed

146. April 12: Why People tell Untruth, sometimes

145. April 12: How to Feel Good

144. April 11: I Wonder

143. April 10: 35 Truths

142. April 8: Secondary Gain

141. April 7: A deep and useful meditation

140. April 6: Go slow

139. April 4: The Language of the Brain

138. April 2: The importance of laziness

137. April 1: Happiness is a Good Thing

MARCH 2006
136. March 31: Other people's idiocies, Why take it personally?

135. March 29: Learning as lifelong possibility

134. March 28: When in an Argument

133: March 27: Where am I now?

132. March 25: Learning at the Glitch Point

131. March 23: Thoughts on Non-Violent Communication

130. March 21: Just Relax, Dude

129. March 20: Rain, and the Richness of...

128. March 18: The Big Picture

127. March 17: Thinking, learning and rolling

126. March 16: Useful and Idiotic Effort

125. March 15: Love is

124. March 14: Victimhood Addiction

123. March 13: Why the rush? Slow down and learn.

122. March 11: The Joy of Rolling

121. March 10: the Joy of an East Facing Bedroom

120. March 9: Weeds as Food for Soil and Soul and Us

119. March 8: Crashing Reality

118. March 7: Slow Down and Learn

117. March 6: Reality kinder than the story

116. March 4: The skeleton

115. March 3: Healthy Backs, 5

114. March 2: Back Back, 4

113. March 1: Healthy Backs, 3

112. Feb. 28: Healthy Backs, 2

111. Feb. 27: Healthy Backs and the Joy of Breathing

110. Feb. 25: Happiness

109. Feb. 24: The Importance of Laughing ( at Ourselves)

108. Feb. 23: Interruption

107. Feb. 22: Waiting

106. Feb. 21, Yes and Yesterday

105. Feb. 20: Attention, Learning, Like/Love: or What's important in our lives.

104. Feb. 17: Early Morning. Awake anyone?

103. Feb. 16: An Aware and Improving Life

102. Feb. 15: Fire Your Therapist

101. Feb. 14: Happy Valentine's Day

100. Feb. 13: Love and other Four Letter Words

99. Feb, 12: Behind the Doors

98. Feb. 11: Woundedness, Two

97. Feb. 10: Being Awake as its own Reward

96. Feb. 9: Habits vs. Learning

95. Feb. 8: The Advantages of Now

94. Feb. 7: Mindful Yoga and Mindless Yoga

93. Feb. 6: Kind vs. Harsh Improvement

92. Feb. 5: Improvement, Being Now, Poem thoughts

91. Feb. 4: Are you willing to improve?

90. Feb. 3: To be Alive and to Improve, Way Cool

89. Feb. 2: The Woundedness Racket

88. Feb. 1: This Moment's Possibilities

87. Jan. 31: Using More of Ourselves

86. Jan. 30: Mind and Body, Pain and Out of Pain

85. Jan. 29: Don't Wanna Write Today: so what

84. Jan. 28: Toes and Nose, Who Knows?

83. Jan. 27: Ha, Ha, Ha ( breathing and sound)

82. Jan. 26: Responsibility and Real Healing

81. Jan. 25: Someone else who thinks, "No Pain, no Gain" is idiocy

80. Jan. 25: Hospital Letter: Build green at Leveroni site.

79. Jan. 24: Feldenkrais and Learning, 1

78. Jan. 23: The Importance of Breathing

77. Jan.22: a good life

76. Jan.21: Happines as a Choice

75. Jan. 20: Feeling Bad, 7: Wake Up

74. Jan. 19: Feeling Bad, 6: Go Outside

73. Jan. 18: You feel bad, 5: Pick the amount and the time

72. Jan. 17: Feeling Bad, Walk and Roll

71. Jan. 16: Feeling Bad, Do the Work

70. Jan. 15: Feel Bad, Stand and Breathe

69. Jan. 14: When We Feel Bad, Sense

68. Jan. 13: Quarrelling to Love, 4: Fun

67. Jan. 12: Returning to Love, 3, Truth

66. Jan. 11: Returning to Love, 2, Touch

65. Jan. 10: Returning to Love When We Argue

64. Jan. 9: The Cure for Dis-Ease

63. Jan. 8: For love of sunshine and a bike ride

62. Jan. 7: Life and Love and Not Knowing

61. Jan. 6: Comfort as Danger and Reminder

60. Jan. 5: The Work of Byron Katie

59. Jan 4: Responsibility vs. Victimhood, a Grand Choice

58. Jan. 3: The Magic of Choosing Now

57. Jan.2: Waking up in the New Year

56. Jan. 1: A poem for the New Year

55. Dec. 31: Nature and Love

54. Dec. 30: More Fun on All 4's

53. Dec. 29: Moving, Fun, Feldenkrais

52. Dec. 28: The Flavors of Happiness

51. Dec. 27: An Invitation to Adventure, Dec. 27; the daily essays/postings/poems begin

50. Dec. 20: 'Tis the Season

49. Nov. 23: Between the ears

48. Nov. 1: Feldenkrais, movement and children


47. Oct. 23: 13 Ways to have a Wonderful Relationship

46.Oct. 7: Old paradigm, anxiety and attack. New paradigm, curiosity and learning.

45. Oct. 1: Wishing you a Wonderful Life


44. Sept. 21: Happiness Now? Yes!!!


43. Aug. 24: Now is the most wonderful time

42. Aug. 23: Introduction to the Feldenkrais Method®, 2

41. Aug. 16: The Criticism Thing

40. July 30: The Byron Katie work, and relationships

39. July 29: Paradigm shift, and The Duck Pond vs. Swimming Pool

38. July 23: Ongoing meditation, while we live our lives

37. July 22: Feldenkrais intro, 3

36. July 17: Truth in Relationship

35. July 15: Feldenkrais intro, 4

34. July 3: Me, me, me vs. Reality

33. June 27: Gurdjieff and children

32. Nature and Love

MAY 05
31. Loving the enemy, Byron Katie style

30. Touch, Truth and Fun

29. Gurdjieff and Life on Planet Earth

28. April 20: Earth Day, Everyday. Things to do.

27. April 15: Autos and Awakening

26. March 15: Easter, Equinox, and Equanimity

25. March 9: Rumi Poem

24. March 8: Loving the enemy for your own sake

23. Feb. 22: Wet winter, dry summer: all about water

22. Feb. 8: Valentines, Hearts and Hands

21. Jan. 25: 13 new ideas

20. Jan. 18: Relationship trouble = a disturbance of attention

19. Jan. 11: Wonderful Relationship: Touch, Truth, Fun

18. Dec. 30: Start the New Year’s right! All about habits

17. Dec. 28: Goodbye to 2004 in Sonoma and on this Earth

16. Dec. 21: To be human and the night, Solstice

15.5 Dec. 20: Interesting Websites, without links, back before I knew how to do links.

15. Dec. 8L Slow and small is beautiful; hospital letter

14. Nov. 29: ‘Tis the season… to slow down

13. Nov. 24: Thanks for life, thanksgiving letter

12. Nov. 5: Speeding letter to I-T

11. Oct. 16: Food

10.5 Oct. 8: Sonoma, Possibilities 25 years from now

10. Oct. 5: Some nice quotes

9. Oct. 3: Gardening: nature and mulch

8. Sept. 29: Campaign ideas ( for city council): think nature, think children

7. Sept. 28: Water, water, water

6. Sept. 24: Why I am running for city council

5. Sept. 10: Cities of Joy

4. Sept. 6: 4 campaign pillars

3. Aug.29: Marlie is wonderful

2. Aug. 26: Patriot Act; same sex marriage; campaign stuff

1. Aug. 25: Relationship heaven, relationship hell

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Waking up Hungry

feng shui, or just rocks out front?

street on which we live, and will be leaving in February

winter with grass
Calif "winter:" bare trees, grass on the way from the rains

i wake up
for now

it's waiting
for me
always there
always here

it's free
I am

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

I would love for you to come join...

marlie yoga
Marlie inverting and twisting: a good time can be had when we try something new and interesting

Why I would love for you to try Sufia Yoga?

I have had so much fun inventing and doing this mixture of Feldenkrais and yoga and tai chi and chi gung and Pilates that I would love for other people to experience this joy. This combines some of the wonderful moves Moshe Feldenkrais brought from judo to his work. I will teach a rolling up to sit from belly down on the floor, and from lying on our sides. Both are fun and efficient ways to come up from a down position. Both involve a big use of lots of our bodies. Both allow us to use our brains and coordination in ways we might never have thought of before.

I include a mixed movement that combines the abs building and focusing of Pilates with a movement that Feldenkrais invented called “head under the gap,” which is a premier way of combining lengthening and strengthening our backs, and twisting and lengthening our spines and side bending to create flexibility in our ribs and gets our brains going by learning several ways of breathing, and helps balance and coordination by showing up how the force of a foot pressing into the ground goes all the way up through the spine.

And more!

It’s so different in words, so fun to experience.

And then there’s a yoga sequence of warrior one, warrior two, side angle pose and warrior three like no one has ever taught before. The sequence I’m sure has been taught, but linking each pose as a chance to clarify contraction and expansion of our whole being and spine and awareness, ahh, this could be a sweetness for anyone’s life.

So , if you like yoga, come. If you don’t like yoga, and just (just!) want to feel better in your body, come. If you want to participate in an ongoing meditation on our living in gravity, air and light, come. If you want to play and learn and discover and feel good and increase your whole self’s connectedness to your whole self, come.

New Year’s Day. January 1, 2008. 10-11:30. Sonoma Ballet Conservatory, around the corner from the post office.

Oh, and did I say, I’d like to see you there?

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Friday, December 28, 2007

Meaning of Life in Three Layers

Marlie's daughter Sari

today's essay at Wake Up

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

soon the death of 2007

xmas dinner
Marlie's brother David, cousin Craig, Craig's girlfriend Sarah, David's wife Karen

once upon a time
there was a year
and it had a number

and this breath is in
and this one is out

and the keys go type

and this year
as far
as the calendar

and this breath
is a new
to wake


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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

wed Parenting and Love

rose and dog
Marlie's daughter Rose,plus Sari, and Sari's friend Adam, and puppy friend

today is

is gone

or is it?

the spirit of
could linger on

could be the center
of our days

could be the Kingdom
of Heaven
drenching down
on us
in us


all the moments
can always give
the sweetness and awareness
to be now
this present
this only moment
we are really


so easy to say
easy to do

and almost equally easy to forget

and with our children

this gift
we can always
or forget
to give

our presence:

to just sit
and watch their faces
and eyes

and listen,
while this sing

and wait
and breathe
and then
and talk
in a way
that delights
and inspires them

just the talk of love
of comments
and demands

i see your beautiful hands
touching the dog
holding the wood,
eating an orange

i see your eyes
letting in the world
sparkling and alive

i hear your sweet words
telling me how much
you love
and love
being you


for being in
my life
in our life

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

christmas awake, christmas asleep, fun game

marlie pretty
Beautiful Marlie and her father "Pa"/Lou

we can
i can
be awake
around other

or asleep

it makes a

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Monday, December 24, 2007

an easy way to be a jerk

Marlie's daughter Sari

an easy way to be a jerk
go to the place
of people
appreciate me enough

and forget
to be in the present

the story
can always
the now


i did this yesterday

i was a jerk
and suffered
and now
i'm now

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Such love//// posting 500

Amazing William, with mother Beth

Such love does
the sky now pour,
that whenever
I stand in a field

I have to wring out
the Light
when I get


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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Solstice of sorts

william and party
Amazing William, plus Beth, plus Marlie

the party
of people over
being present
to each other
and food
and what is going to


a small child
is always a fun
to allow
to jump
and swerve
from one present
to the next

is an expert
at having life
as an
and dis


the present
best party

and even
are in
the fun

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Thursday

marlie yoga
we won't do this in Sufia Yoga,
and you can get closer and closer
much more easily and faster if you join the Sufia Yoga fun

cold after the rain
sweet and clear
winter is finally here

and the waters
sweet waters
good for us

and the christmas thing
how slow
can we go

how often
to remember our breathing

how exciting
to sense
our worry or hurry
and come out of that
into noticing
feet and ground and gravity

and ribs and belly and breathing

and necks and heads free and light

all good

all now

all wonderful

more on Sufia Yoga,
hopefully a free new year's day class

we'll see

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas coming, the geese are getting worried, parenting Wed,

marlie squat pray

one day
will all be dead

one day
a long time ago
or long long
time ago
depending on your sense of timing
the Jesus child was born

he was clear on His life's purpose:
to be one with God
to speak for God
to help people find the Kingdom of Heaven within
to try to put out this radical message:
love your neighbor
love your enemy

a big job he/ He set out to do
and with some miracles to jazz up the interest
and some good parables
and a great salesman (Paul)
some of his/ His stuff and ideas are
still around

and some days
we love our neighbors
and love our enemies
and even
love our selves

wednesday is
"supposed" to be about parenting:

sometimes the little shits
seem like enemies
and then
we have to remember:
whose idea was it to bring them into the world
what is it that they don't understand
what is it that we don't understand
about how we are contributing
to their being
in one of their awful states

and then,
as always,
when we learn how we are asleep
and operating out of habit
and control programs
and forgetting to listen,
we can breathe
and be
and listen to them
and our own life

and then we can be happy
and when we are really happy
the enemy thing

and if this doesn't work
then the work will


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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

6 awareness days left until Christmas

water bear Reed College

to be aware while
browsing the stores

to be aware of the guilt
and fear stuff
nagging away to
buy more
give more
do more

to say no
to an invitation
or two

to say yes
to an invitation
or two

where do we want
to be present
and following our breathing

and remembering the three oceans:
calling on bones and brain and pelvis
how are we "grounded"
what is our weight doing
right now

and air
our lungs inside the rib cage
or can it be
a rib basket

and light, sound, taste, smell
the joys of a head
mobile and free at the neck
looking left
and right
even now
on the computer
keep the eyes forward and let your
go up and down
and right and left
and following your breathing
and know
about your pelvis
and be
in love
with the you
right now

what else to do?
love others
love the earth

does that have anything
to do with Christmas?
it certainly could have.

and does awareness have
anything to do
with our ability to love?


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Monday, December 17, 2007

Yoga of the meeting of spirt and discovery: Sufia

try this
wonderful adventurers:

stand in the yoga posture
of one foot forward,
the other back.

open your arms wide to life
and arch your back
and expand
bending down toward your front foot,
fold it all in
and bend your front knee
and then, keeping
the front knee bent
expand the back up
arch and arms up
and :
warrior one

fold and come down
and arms to sit
hands together,
toward the ground
and expand up again,
but now at the way
to come into
warrior two

and fold down over
the front foot
and expand again,
lifting the back foot
off the ground
warrior three

this is fun
and sideangle
can go in here too

come to class
and see
how it's
or buy the dvd
when it's made

and rain
a week to
christmas eve


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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sufia Yoga, learning vs. staying the same

Sufia yoga,
that's the better name
i think

awareness, anti-aging

some people
wanting awareness
and learning
and moving beyond the old ruts
will love it

some won't

so be

is my job

their job
is to love
to learn
or to love
staying the same


quarry hill plant

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

life on earth

tis saturday

yoga marlie

i'm inventing a blend
of yoga
tai chi
and brain accessing
fun stuff

it's really great

maybe to be called
or maybe
Nuga Yoga

it has core strengthening
fun rolling from judo
tai chi strengthening of legs and brains and chi
feldenkrais rewiring of our brains
all sorts of twists and surprises

i hope
if you are local
and read this blog
now and then
you'll come to classes

it's fun
makes for flexible
and strong
and brain flexibility
and discovery


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Friday, December 14, 2007

great book, 8 reasons to slow down

plein air
Plein Air Festival

last summer
toward the end
Plein Air filled
a part of the Plaza
with nice paintngs

now it is

and indoors
we can be warm
or too warm
and it's a good

we've discovered
The Piano Tuner
a marvelous book
on tape
from our local library

what a sweet and mesmerizing adventure

books on tape
read by a good
are indeed
a treat

getting hair cut
an article in Redbook
on 8 Reasons to Slow Down

includes: better weight
better parenting
better fitness
and better sex

that's a pretty good start

and you could probably
find a few more reasons
in the various
posting on here,

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

the game of love

marlie teeth


first in the game
is this:

who is looking
and what do i see

second in the game
is the Me
that is looking
the Big Deal

third in the game:
if the Me
isn't the Big Deal
what is wonderful
about what i see

fourth in the game:
what do i love about what i

in the game:
how am i seeing me
in what i see
and then
how are we the same
which is


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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

today, parenting and listening

tree in winter
bare tree and frost protection white in the garden

what wonderful ways
can we discover

to be present
with ourselves

and our

they have their own

we can guide
a little

watch and listen
a lot

try to control
and go crazy
or drive them crazy
or both

and still: it's so "human"
to want to "help"
and "we know better"
blah, blah, blah

and sometimes
they do need to be controlled
from wrecking the place
or hurting themselves
and then:
it's just a game
how to take destructive
and put them to use with pottery
or digging
or jumping
or running
it's all
to dance

it's all

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